The Story Behind YOR Health Co-Founder Dennis Wong

In Health and Beauty on July 30, 2013 at 8:45 am

_DSC0059_resizeDennis Wong and his sister are the co-founders of YOR Health, a nutritional products company that has improved the health of numerous Americans. YOR Health is just the latest in a series of successful business ventures for Dennis Wong. Dennis Wong of YOR Health describes the unlikely journey of his carefully assembled team as they attained their goals in the nutritional products world.

Q: How did the story of YOR Health begin?

Dennis Wong: A friend and mentor from China was essential in providing expertise and invaluable advice.

Q: What industry did he recommend becoming involved in?

Dennis Wong: This mentor was supportive in the establishment of a real estate development firm and general contracting company.

Q: What was the name of this company?

Dennis Wong: The company was called Vision Builders. It served the Los Angeles area for 11 years.

Q: How was this success attained?

Dennis Wong: The team positioned itself to purchase substantial amounts of foreclosure properties from the banks when the real estate market crashed.

Q: Why not stay in this field?

Dennis Wong: As the real estate market began to suffer in the United States, the China real estate market was exploding. Therefore, investments were redirected to China.

Q: What types of business trends were prevalent at the time?

Dennis Wong: There was a new trend emerging that involved reselling long distance.

Q: What developed from following this new trend?

Dennis Wong: A telephone company of which I was a part in China grew revenues by more than 150 percent due to the team’s efforts.

Q: How was this knowledge applied to other projects?

Dennis Wong: Eventually the team taught the new corporate management team of this company how to rebuild an effective infrastructure, which completely revolutionized their business operations.

Q:  What circumstances contributed to this success?

Dennis Wong: Through the core value of relationships the company was revitalized.

Q: What was the core mission of all businesses improved by the team?

Dennis Wong: The emphasis was on building great relationships, which is imperative for long lasting business.

Q: What happened next?

Dennis Wong: By 2000, the long distance industry had run its course. The decision was made to open our own network marketing company to take advantage of another trend: the Internet boom.

Q: What did the company offer?

Dennis Wong: From 2000-2007 this network marketing company offered various Internet products and services such as web hosting, email services, e-commerce shopping, dial-up Internet service and voice over Internet service.

Q: What partnerships were established from this new company?

Dennis Wong: In 2005, the company held contracts with a few of the largest voice over Internet providers and had a larger reselling territory footprint than Vonage.

Q: What areas were included in this coverage?

Dennis Wong: The company covered most of North America, while Vonage only covered the United States. However in 2007, the company’s monopoly in the voice over Internet industry began to fizzle out.

Q: What was learned from this shift?

Dennis Wong: We determined that these products and services were just not sustainable. The one sustainable aspect is the sales team, so then the focus shifted toward new products in the marketplace.

Q: Why do these team members succeed?

Dennis Wong: They prevail because of the incredible support among all team members and the feeling that they are valued as members of our family.

Q: How will YOR Health progress in the future?

Dennis Wong: The company is firmly entrenched in this new expanding industry as far as network marketing. The innovative products of YOR Health are all presented from this unique marketing platform.

  1. I have always followed Dennis Wong. YOR Health is an amazing company. This interview doesn’t even begin to cover the struggles he had that led to the company’s formation. Interesting that Wong was able to transition from a broken industry like long distance into something that really has no expiration date. – Amanda White

    • Thank you for the kind words, Amanda. I have done many interviews and sometimes focus on my business history instead of my personal reasons for founding the company. I do appreciate your interest in YOR Health and hope to speak with you one day to answer any questions you may have. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  2. Dennis Wong, YOR Health has had a huge impact on my life. I didn’t know that you had a Chinese mentor to guide you. As a fellow Chinese businessman, that makes it so much more special. – Samuel Wu

    • Samuel – thank you. Yes, it was very special having someone with a similar background help me understand the market and how things worked. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  3. Real estate is booming again…Do you think you’ll ever go back? – Carl Paulson

    • Hi, Carl – No, I am having too much fun doing what I love with YOR Health. I enjoy showing other people how to change their lives and those of the ones they love. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  4. As a Chinese-American businessman, how do you feel about the periodic shifts of market shares redirected back and forth between China and the United States? – Kourtney Pewitt

    • Kourtney, I believe that the economy should be viewed as a global structure. Sometimes one country prospers while another doesn’t. Regardless of which country is on the receiving end of the financial boom, the entire world benefits. For example, a country that manufactures clothing imports materials from around the world. The economies of the imports’ origin benefits. It’s a wonderful cycle. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  5. My question is directed at Dennis Wong. YOR Health is a far cry from real estate and technology. How do you prepare yourself mentally for the change of pace? – Carson Orionson

    • Carson, you are right about that, however, all businesses have the same end goal – to produce a quality end product that truly benefits your customers. When I founded YOR Health, I was struggling with some health issues… I had business experience and my sister as a partner and support system. It just felt right. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  6. How do you apply what you learn in one industry to achieve success in another? Also, was the transition difficult, Dennis Wong? YOR Health seems successful despite you not having had previous nutritional products experience. – Mike Newberry

    • Mike, I think that all transitions have their difficulties. However, I was fortunate to have an actual need for the product that we manufactured. Regardless of what business you’re in, it’s all about building the right team to make it work. That’s one thing I believe I learned well before YOR Health that has contributed greatly to the company’s success. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  7. You say that great relationships are imperative to long-lasting business success. But, how do you find a common ground to successfully establish mutually-beneficial relationships with people that you don’t know? – Corey Williams

    • Great question. That’s something that many people, unfortunately, have difficulty with. Approaching people that you don’t know can be intimidating for sure but when you know that you bring something of value to the table, it makes it much easier to establish an open line of communication. When we founded the company, we knocked on doors and searched relentlessly until we found the right manufacturer. Sometimes it just takes a little stepping out of your comfort zone. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  8. Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the group of awesome people I met at an event last year have really inspired me to do something good for myself. Since meeting this group, I have lost 15 pounds and have 10x the energy I had before. I just wanted to thank you. – Allie McGillis

    • Allie, it’s you who I should be thanking. I’m not going to lie, this is a tough business. It’s very competitive and keeps me going 100% of the time. On the days I feel ready to give in, I think about all the people out there like you whose lives are better because of YOR Health and that is just the encouragement I need. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  9. Have you ever wanted to stop network marketing and stick YOR Health products on store shelves? It seems like it would be much less work. – Amber Franklin

    • Amber… that has never even crossed my mind. I have said from the beginning that our company would be people-centric. Utilizing network marketing and direct sales allows us to make a human connection with our customers. I would not have it any other way. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  10. I know this is a bit off-topic, but I’d like to ask, why does YOR Health focus so much on gut health? Is what’s going on inside my stomach really that important? – Phillip Wade

    • Great question, Phillip. The gut is honestly one of the most neglected and yet vital components to the body. There are millions upon millions of microscopic bacterial organisms inside of your gut at any given moment. These bacteria work in harmony with other body functions to not only break down the food you eat but also help distribute nutrients. Like tiny little soldiers, these good bacteria work to fight fat and defend against a host of other health problems. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

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