Time Principles: Tips for Smart Time Management

In General on August 4, 2013 at 8:05 am

6How you spend your time is more valuable than money. Once you spend it, you can’t get it back. By employing smart time management techniques, one can become more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. Time is a precious asset, and using time management techniques can improve both one’s personal and professional lives.

Tackle tedious tasks first

Start off with tasks that annoy you most because they drain you of energy, such as the car that needs an oil change, or booking that dentist appointment. By writing them down and planning to eliminate them, you are taking the first step to freeing up time for things you prefer to do.



If you aren’t utilizing your team—whether that’s your staff, spouse or family—you will get overwhelmed. If you’re taking on too much, you aren’t being efficient, either. It benefits everyone to rely on each other.


Say “no”

To make time for what matters most, you must say no to some things that don’t. Ask yourself throughout the day, “Is this the best use of my time, right now?” We feel like we’re letting people down when we decline requests, but in reality we aren’t doing anyone a favor by taking on things we don’t have time to do, then falling through on them.


Time wasters

Identify things at home that waste your time. Perhaps friends call for small talk or a favorite television show comes on during the day. Try to eliminate these time wasters. Studies show the average American watches 2.7 hours of TV a day. Cut that down to just one hour and spend the other 1.7 hours getting things done. Internet, Facebook, Twitter can also be considered time wasters. Limit time spent on each site to a certain number of minutes, a certain number of times per day. The key is self-control and discipline.


Make time for people you love most

Remember why you love your family and friends. Think of your shared experiences and memories, your time together, and intentionally create new memories by investing your time where it matters most.

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