Real Estate Developer Scott Sohr on Nashville’s Up-and-Coming Hot Spots: Germantown

In General on October 18, 2013 at 9:15 am

Scott Sohr NashvilleScott Sohr, Nashville land developer, has been a fixture in the Nashville real estate scene for two decades and says Nashville has made unparalleled growth over the last 10 years. Case in point: Germantown, a place Scott Sohr of Nashville claims wasn’t even on the radar a few years ago but is now a major point of interest for visitors and developers alike. Thank you for visiting with us today. Let’s talk Nashville. What is your favorite area?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: I love the entire city, but especially Germantown. Where is Germantown?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Germantown is located just outside of Nashville’s main downtown area. It is bordered by Rosa Parks Boulevard to the east, 3rd Avenue North to the west, Jefferson Street to the north, and Hume Street to the south. Who originally lived in this area?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Germantown, along with the rest of Nashville, was initially inhabited by Cherokee and Chickasaw Tribes. The entire area was a popular hunting ground because of the river. James McGavock later purchased the area. Who is James McGavock?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: McGavock was an officer during the Revolutionary War. He was granted ownership of approximately 2,200 acres in 1786. A portion of this land would become the 9th Ward and eventually renamed Germantown. Why was the neighborhood renamed?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: The neighborhood became known as Germantown because of a large influx of German immigrants who were living in the area. What is the Assumption Catholic Church?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: One of Nashville’s oldest churches—the second oldest Catholic church in the area. It stands in its original Germantown location, where it was built in 1906. Who are some notable Nashvillians from the area?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: While Nashville is known for mostly breeding country music superstars, the Germantown area is home to a number of prominent German families. Perhaps the most notable name from the area is brewer George Dickel. What is Germantown’s horseracing history?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Prior to Tennessee’s ban on horseracing, the area now known as Morgan Park was a popular racetrack. Burns Island racetrack was also in close proximity to Frederick Laitenberger’s German beer garden, which was closed along with the track. What architectural features are common in Germantown?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Germantown is home to an eclectic blend of architecture, ranging from lavish mansions to modest immigrant accommodations. Today, the area also boasts a number of upscale apartment and condominium complexes. What is the average home value in Germantown?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Homes range between $150,000 on the low end to $500,000 and above. When was Germantown designated as an Inner City Arboretum?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: In 1993. There are more than 130 different types of trees and shrubs in the Germantown area. When is Oktoberfest?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: The second weekend in October. This year, 2013 marks the sixth annual Germantown Oktoberfest, which draws tens of thousands of visitors to the Germantown area every year. What types of foods are available during the festival?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Oktoberfest vendors serve up both German and American fare. Of course, no German festival would be complete without beer. Both local and German draughts are available.

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