Tips from Nationwide Relocation Services – Judging a Moving Company By Its Estimator

In General on October 30, 2013 at 1:37 am

Nationwide Relocation ServicesAccording to Nationwide Relocation Services, homeowners can determine the suitability of a moving company by the attentiveness of their estimator. If an estimator can answer all questions with patience and ease, then your mind should be put to rest, says Nationwide Relocation Services. Here, a spokesperson from Nationwide Relocation Services describes in detail what questions are necessary during initial conversations with an estimator.

Presentation Solutions: We’re happy to have you here for a chat.

Nationwide Relocation Services: Thanks for the opportunity!

Presentation Solutions: What should someone ask of a mover before acquiring these services?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A good barometer is how long the company has been in business, and if any company name changes have taken place.

Presentation Solutions: Where can I find written documentation to verify these details?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A mover should always be able to provide both a DOT and MC number to certify their work.

Presentation Solutions: What do these numbers mean?

Nationwide Relocation Services: These numbers verify that the mover is insured, licensed and prepared to carry out your wishes.

Presentation Solutions: What are some questions that the moving company estimator should ask?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The most important question is whether the client is moving an apartment or house.

Presentation Solutions: Seems like a no-brainer.

Nationwide Relocation Services: It does, but some estimators choose to rush through the conversation without paying attention to the client’s needs.

Presentation Solutions: What else should be discussed?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Next, it should be determined whether the moving company is delivering a self-storage unit or picking your belongings up.

Presentation Solutions: Is a detailed account of your belongings necessary at this time?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Be as thorough as possible. The most important items to note include furniture and the total number of boxes being shipped.

Presentation Solutions: What items are typically packed by the mover?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Generally these items will include clothes, books, lamps, televisions, kitchen items and electronic equipment.

Presentation Solutions: Are all your moving plans the same?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Not at all. Our team develops customized moving programs for each individual client.

Presentation Solutions: That’s very helpful.

Nationwide Relocation Services:  If your estimator doesn’t offer the same personalized strategy, steer clear.

Presentation Solutions: Is there follow up assistance available for clients after the initial conversation with an estimator?

Nationwide Relocation Services: At Nationwide. a moving consultant is available at all times to answer questions that might arise during this process.

Presentation Solutions: Overall, what thought do you want to leave with our readers?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Online tools such as cost calculators can be informative, but nothing beats communicating with a real live person who will provide insight into your particular situation.

Presentation Solutions: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you today.

Nationwide Relocation Services: Thank you for your time.

Throughout its history, Nationwide Relocation Services has coordinated a variety of services including long distance moving, interstate moving and corporate moving. Nationwide Relocation Services partners with experienced and highly trained professionals in the industry to deliver excellent results.

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