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High Volume Of Gun Sales Keeps Belleville Indoor Shooting Range Busy

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2009 at 5:32 am

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range has seen unprecedented growth over the last six years. In part this is due to a high level of gun sales. When someone buys a firearm in the southern Illinois area it is a natural progression to seek out instruction. Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers a broad range of instruction for all experience levels.

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers training seminars on subjects such as reloading, gun safety and self defense. Belleville Indoor Shooting Range also offers classes in gun cleaning, maintenance and storage. All aspects of gun ownership are taught at Belleville Indoor Shooting Range. Demand is high. Due to the large number of gun sales, instructor classes are sometimes put on hold, and so Belleville Indoor Shooting Range is growing to meet the demands of the sporting community.

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range is located in Belleville, Illinois and offers services to residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area as well as southern Illinois shooting enthusiasts. The facility offers police and security officer training and is utilized by local law enforcement officers. Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers a solid foundation to gun ownership.

Sam DeMoro of BSR Gun Shop Shares Essential Tips for Cleaning Firearms

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As a gun owner, you want your investment to last many years. The key to maintaining the value and performance of your firearm is to clean it after each outing. Though this may seem excessive, it is the only right way to care for your gun. Sam DeMoro is a gunsmith at BSR Gun Shop who knows a thing or two about firearm maintenance.

“To spend top dollar for a quality firearm and not keep it cleaned is a real crime,” said Mr. DeMoro, resident gunsmith at BSR Gun Shop. Sam has been a gunsmith for over 25 years. He provides education and services to the gun enthusiasts at BSR Gun Shop.

Before cleaning your gun, unload it and put all ammunition away. Never clean a gun with ammunition in the same area. Ensure that you have plenty of room to work. You will need to spread out your cleaning equipment and gun parts. Make sure the area is well ventilated and has plenty of light. Use quality cleaning materials like Hoppes or Break free oils and solvents. Have plenty of clean cotton patches handy. These materials can be purchased at BSR Gun Shop.

Information is even more valuable than materials. Stop by BSR Gun Shop for a tutorial on gun cleaning. You may find that you do not want to invest the time and materials into your gun cleaning responsibilities. If this is the case, BSR Gun Shop offers top quality professional gun cleaning at affordable prices. No matter how you choose to care for your firearm, you will benefit from a visit to BSR Gun Shop.


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