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Chiro8000 Chiropractic Electronic Medical Record Software Tips: Choosing the Right EMR EHR Tool

In Technology on March 15, 2010 at 3:34 pm

The team at Chiro8000 knows that good patient care is the basis for a successful chiropractic office. Beautiful furnishings, elaborate advertising strategies, and efficient administrative practices may bring in new patients, but they won’t come back unless they believe they are receiving the best patient care available.

While many chiropractors focus on remaining current with the latest advancements in preventive and curative medicine, Chiro8000 says that most are not aware of specific chiropractic electronic medical record software tips that should be considered in their continuing education. Chiro8000 adds that learning how to choose the right EMR-EHR tools has a direct impact on providing the best patient care.

Off-the-rack solutions do not lend themselves to the personalized attention that today’s patient expects, points out Chiro8000. The ability to chart electronically and provide patients with timely billing will make future visits more productive. Additionally, software features like those found in the Chiro8000 software enhance the claims process and remove unnecessary confusion often experienced in antiquated practices.

  • Chiro8000 can be tailored to the specific needs of your office
  • Chiro8000 contains a user-friendly interface
  • Chiro8000 is known for their excellent 24/7 technical support
  • Chiro8000 provides hands-on assistance to make the learning curve easier
  • Chiro8000 team members are responsive to feedback and suggestions

While technology will never replace the relationship between doctor and patient, it can definitely serve to increase patient satisfaction. And as Chiro8000 points out, that is sure to lead to more referrals and a reputation for putting patients first. In the end, a smoother running office utilizing Chiro8000 allows for the kind of growth and expansion that most chiropractors desire.

The Chiro8000 software solution by Forte Systems has a proven record of accomplishment of helping chiropractors become more productive and successful in their efforts to provide the best patient care possible. With thousands of satisfied clients and years of experience, Chiro8000 provides the partnership that can streamline patient care. Visit or call 800-456-2622 for a closer look.

Anthony Schwartz is the president of Chiro8000. Founded in 1983, the Chiro8000 software company has been providing affordable and cutting edge applications specifically for the Chiropractic Profession. Tailored to the small to medium sized practice, the Chiro8000 software connects the area of billing, scheduling, office management, marketing EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, collections, and employee management. With over 200 chiropractors that actively consult with the product as well as their alliance with Microsoft technology, the Chiro8000 offers the perfect balance of technology and industry perspective for the profession.