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Chuck Broes Calls Diversity the Avenue to Enduring Success

In Health and Beauty on January 5, 2011 at 5:48 am

Chuck Broes draws on over forty years of business acumen to offer a perspective on business philosophies and tactics for the next decade. This piece is part 1 of a series.

Chuck Broes

Chuck Broes

To the untrained eye, Chuck Broes may not immediately appear to be the progressive leader that his reputation describes. But as the COB of EliteCorp International, Chuck Broes understands well the value of fluidity in corporate structure. Chuck Broes’ forward-thinking business philosophies take into account the ways that apparently unrelated factors like local culture and even the moods and motivations of senior management can influence business growth.

Chuck Broes has spent decades enjoying remarkable successes and weathering certain inevitable failures in order to glean tried and true business fundamentals. Chuck Broes has applied these invaluable lessons to his endeavors at EliteCorp International and towards the development of certain essential rules of business. Recently, Chuck Broes explained how global markets impact syntheses that develop many fields and resources simultaneously and at an accelerated rate. A successful corporation must be ready to deal in diverse fields that can range anywhere from medical research to digital media. To properly capitalize on this energetic global marketplace, Chuck Broes has assembled a progressive, diverse and assertive team of unique business minds.

According to Chuck Broes, diversity transcends the usual notions of race or gender. Of incalculable value to Chuck Broes is surrounding himself with a team that showcases a diversity of perspectives, experiences and creative thought. Additionally, Chuck Broes typically seeks to form a group that is diverse in age, political ideals, academic training and cultural background. Chuck Broes has a leader’s knack for rallying the talents of his team of professionals into an innovative and kaleidoscopic array of business visionaries.

From diversity of scientific knowledge to foreign and domestic investment banking, Chuck Broes has drawn upon a wealth of knowledge to power EliteCorp International. Chuck Broes’ robust and reliable funding platform is the product of his skills in unifying the business goals of a broad spectrum of worldly professionals. With Chuck Broes at the helm, any new venture is bound for a bright future.

About Chuck Broes

Chuck Broes is a business and healthcare visionary whose career spans over 45 years in domestic and foreign markets. In the past, Chuck Broes has specialized in the areas of incubation, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, corporate turn-arounds and roll-ups. Chuck Broes has served in various executive roles including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Chuck Broes began his unique career with Health Industries (Jack LaLanne European Health Spas) from its founding to becoming a national chain of over one hundred locations, then going public and later being sold to a Fortune 500 company. This positioned Chuck Broes to serve in key leadership roles within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries working with regulatory issues involving the FDA, ISO and CE marking and EDI. Chuck Broes was involved intimately as part of the senior management team at Wellmark Corporation, a pioneer company in healthcare clearinghouse services and ANSI X12 standards, which became a subsidiary of Primark Corporation, a NYSE Company.

Later, Chuck Broes founded EliteCorp International, Inc. and served as its Chief Executive Officer. In that capacity Chuck Broes’ business experience has included the facilitation of public companies, acquisitions, mergers, strategic alliances, IPOs and turnarounds. Associated projects for Chuck Broes have ranged from concept to development and production, including the integration of national data communication networks, facilities management, and healthcare system technologies.

Chuck Broes has served as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida for fifteen years. In 2008, Chuck Broes turned his full attention to Quantum Immunologics, Inc., which he helped found and where he currently serves as CEO. Chuck Broes leads Quantum Immunologics in the pursuit of the research, development and implementation of new immunotherapy protocols for the treatment of cancer. Chuck Broes has initiated clinical trials that are currently underway and new patents have been filed providing the company with a pipeline for ongoing improvements in cancer treatment.

According to Chuck Broes, Quantum Immunologics was formed for the sole purpose of developing, implementing and distributing new advanced levels of proprietary therapeutic treatments and diagnostic tools. Chuck Broes presents Quantum Immunologics’ mission as fostering the development and support for these and other technologies that are complementary to its current portfolio of patented intellectual properties that are focused on immune diseases and disorders.

To contact Chuck Broes or for more information about Quantum Immunologics please visit: or call 866-213-4594.