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Dennis Dachtler – Advice as Taxpayers Prepare for Proposed Major Tax Changes

In Finance on November 19, 2012 at 9:30 am
Dennis Dachtler

Dennis Dachtler

Dennis Dachtler has seen the proposed changes to tax laws for 2013, and he’s passing this information onto his clients. Tax season is just around the corner and it’s important to learn how these changes will impact you. Dennis Dachtler emphasizes that these are only proposed changes and that they could change, especially given that it is an election year. Currently, however, here is what is on the table for 2013.

Capital Gains

Currently, the top tax rate on capital gains is 15%, Dennis Dachtler states, with those in the 10-15% income bracket not currently required to pay long-term capital gains taxes. This income cap is expected to increase to 20%, according to Dennis Dachtler—23.8% including Medicare contribution tax.

Top Dividend

Top dividend tax rates may increase to 44%. This is a substantial increase, Dennis Dachtler notes, as the current rate is only 15%. This is due to the upcoming expiration of the Bush tax cuts, according to Dennis Dachtler. Unless Congress votes to extend those tax cuts, dividends will return to being taxed as income. This will most markedly impact those in higher income brackets, who may see tax increases of as much as 39.6 percent on their dividend income, reports Dennis Dachtler.

Other Investment Incomes

On other investment incomes, investors may see a nine percent increase, going from 35% to 44%. According to Dennis Dachtler, other investment income may include interest, dividends, trade income, or net gains on property, among others.

Estate Tax Exemptions

If someone inherits a home from a deceased relative, that home is subject to an estate tax. Currently, however, Dennis Dachtler explains that if the home is valued at less than $5 million, the new owner is exempt. The new tax laws propose that this exemption drop to $1 million, states Dennis Dachtler.

Medicare Contribution Tax

Another planned change in 2013 will be the Medicare contribution tax of 3.8 percent, which will be levied on specified unearned income. This will largely impact those with investment income that exceeds a certain amount, Dennis Dachtler describes.

As politicians argue about whether or not to impose taxes on the wealthy, middle class, or poor, it’s important to note that taxes impact everyone. Whatever your situation, it’s important to receive sound financial advice before filing your taxes. A professional financial advisor like Dennis Dachtler can work with you and your tax professional to help you review the exemptions and tax cuts that apply specifically to you.  For more information, visit Dachtler Wealth online at


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