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Riding the Wind with Dan Sciscente

In Automotive, Information, Outdoor Adventures on July 17, 2012 at 2:19 pm
Dan Sciscente

Dan Sciscente

Most people are surprised to learn that Dan Sciscente, a widely respected Information Technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the leading SAP interface software firm Communi-T, is also an avid motorcyclist.  Today, we learn that there are many undiscovered roads on the eastern seaboard that can easily feed any motorcyclist’s appetite..

Presentation Solutions: Dan, thank you for speaking with us today. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you.

Dan Sciscente: No problem.

Presentation Solutions: So, can you tell us a little bit about what an American biker should know before crossing the border.

Dan Sciscente: There are a few things to remember. First, the Canadian roads are often quite rural, being big and vast, as they are beautiful. Make sure to have a cell phone, a first aid kit, road flares, and water with you­–just in case you get lost or hurt.

Presentation Solutions: That’s good pragmatic advice, but let’s talk about the fun part: riding.

Dan Sciscente: The beauty about riding on the eastern part of Canada – Quebec, New Brunswick and the maritimes is that it provides some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The roads are long and winding, traffic lights are few and far in between, and wildlife just kind of wanders around.

Presentation Solutions: That sounds fantastic. What’s the catch?

Dan Sciscente: Well, it’s not so much a catch but there are parts of the road that may not have been kept up as much as a motorcyclist would like. Getting on some motorcycle forums and discussing with others that share the same interest will provide you with a well of information. Also, it’s advisable to lookup provincial sites in order to get the latest on detours and construction.

Presentation Solutions: What about sharing the road with vacationers?

Dan Sciscente: It’s not as populated as you’d think. If it is, they are all sitting still at one of the out of the way resorts scattered throughout the area. But just as you feel you’ve been travelling solo for a while, a motorcycling peer appears out of nowhere and gives you a traditional wave of a hand saluting you.

Presentation Solutions: Is there a best time of year to hit the roads?

Dan Sciscente: Early summer or early fall, the weather is nice and there are even fewer vehicles on the road. You can zoom around for hours and count on one hand the number of cars that pass you.

Presentation Solutions: There are a few ferries, from what we’ve heard. How much are they to cross?

Dan Sciscente: The ferries are free but it’s a good idea to keep some Canadian currency on hand for toll highways. Travelling into Prince Edward Island on the great bridge is quite an experience as you are surrounded by the ocean on both sides.

Presentation Solutions: What’s this about wildlife? What kinds of animals can you see in their natural habitat here?

Dan Sciscente: What can’t you see? The main animals to watch are moose on the road as they can be crossing and don’t really have a knack for checking for traffic. If you hit a moose at regular speed, it can cost your life as it’s like hitting a wall at 100km / hour.. You can also see mountain goats, elk, and deer.

Presentation Solutions: Coming from the US, we are used to measuring distance in miles. Canada uses Kilometers. What’s the difference?

Dan Sciscente: A kilometer is .62 of a mile. So, basically, if you see a sign that says 50 kilometers to the next fuel station, it’s 31 miles.

Presentation Solutions: We are out of time but do you have any last tips you’d like to add?

Dan Sciscente: Mostly just to remember to get your documents in order. You won’t need a visa but your bike’s registration and your driver’s license have to match. Also, the temperature can change drastically in a 24-hour period so, pack accordingly. And again, road construction advisories, forums and travel info make your trip well prepared!

About Dan Sciscente: Dan has always enjoyed the thrill of Motorcycles and riding on demanding tracks and roads. Traditionally called “iron-bots”, Dan enjoys getting together with a group of fellow motorcycle riders and travelling close to 1,000KM in a single day – leaving for close to 12 hours. These iron-bots are made for true riders and typically happen by organizing a well-chosen itinerary focusing on road challenges, scenery and duration.

Dan tends to favor both BMW Motorrad bikes as well as Ducati.