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Naperville Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson Creates the Best Smiles in Town

In Health and Beauty on November 3, 2011 at 12:19 pm
Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

In Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson has cornered the market on beautiful smiles. A former Mrs. United States, the Naperville cosmetic dentist specializes in “smile design,” crafting beautiful smiles for Naperville and surrounding suburbs. In fact, her work was so impressive that she achieved accolades from Donald Trump himself, who declared the Naperville cosmetic dentist “a dedication to the profession.”

Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson believes a beautiful smile boosts her patients’ self-esteem, and she makes it her goal to help them achieve perfection. The Naperville cosmetic dentist’s practice, called Smiles by Dr. Gibson, has a wide range of dental services that include Invisalign braces, digital X-rays, and Zoom! teeth whitening. In addition to cosmetic dentistry, the Naperville cosmetic dentist provides family dentistry, including cleanings and DIAGNOdent laser teeth scans. Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson will ensure your family has a lifetime of perfect smiles.

Even celebrities rely on Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Gibson for brilliant smiles. With a client list that includes celebrities and other Naperville VIPs, Dr. Gibson has appeared on the cover of the American Association of Women Dentists magazine, a publication of the only dues-based organization for female dentists. A well-respected speaker, Dr. Gibson is a member of the American Association of Women Dentists and the American Dental Association.

The Naperville cosmetic dentist graduated from Tufts University as a merit scholar, winning awards for her prosthodontics and operative dentistry. After graduation, she joined a private practice in Massachusetts, eventually moving to Naperville.

Not only does Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson take care of her regular patients, she works to help those in need find beautiful smiles, as well. Recently Dr. Chiann Gibson was able to help a domestic abuse victim find self-esteem through dental work, thanks to her work on the board of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. AACD has a program called Give Back a Smile, which connects domestic abuse victims with dental work at no cost. Dr. Gibson tracked down more than $70,000 in services for the victim, thanks to two of her colleagues who donated their services.

Through state programs, Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson has connected many local families with free dental care. It gives Dr. Gibson great satisfaction to know her work has helped someone find self-confidence.

When it comes to Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is among the most respected cosmetic dentists, with a loyal following. She has had a regular column in the Naperville Sun Times, called Open Wide, in which she discussed dental issues. Her work has also been published in national magazines.

Smiles by Dr. Gibson excels in another way. Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson provides limo service to customers who come in for the Hollywood Smile Makeover treatment. After the treatment, the patient can show off his or her new smile, along with nine friends, in a complimentary limo ride to the restaurant of his or her choice. Dr. Gibson’s Naperville cosmetic dentistry service also includes massage chairs, freshly baked bread, cold drinks, and a coffee bar, among other amenities.

The Naperville cosmetic dentist has earned the respect of the community by providing the best cosmetic dentistry available. Serving Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville, Chicago and surrounding areas, Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson offers a service like no other. For more information, go online to

About Naperville Cosmetic Dentist

Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is widely known for her skills throughout the state of Illinois and beyond. Her dental practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates, has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best in the area with its spa like atmosphere, dedicated staff, and pampering amenities uncommon to the field of dentistry. Dr. Gibson is often called the best Naperville cosmetic dentist by her clients and has been endorsed by Donald Trump. Though well known these days, Dr. Gibson did not earn her reputation as a leading Naperville cosmetic dentist overnight.

Chiann Fan Gibson was born to Taiwanese parents who, in 1971, brought their three daughters from Tokyo to America with barely $200 in their pockets. The Naperville cosmetic dentist recalls that language was a major obstacle at first but she and her sisters excelled academically – all three graduated high school with honors. On her path the become the respected Naperville cosmetic dentist she is today, Dr. Gibson enrolled in the University of Washington where her outgoing personality earned her a spot on the Huskies’ cheerleading squad.

After completing her Childhood Psychology degree from the University of Washington, the future Naperville cosmetic dentist earned a doctorate in Dental Medicine from Boston’s prestigious Tufts University of Dental Medicine. At Tufts, the future Dr. Gibson worked as a clinical instructor and was recognized as a Merit Scholar. To fund her continuing education on the road to becoming a Naperville cosmetic dentist, Gibson entered the world of pageantry. Her successes culminated with her being named Mrs. United States in 2005.

Dr. Chiann Gibson’s educational background also includes graduating with honors from the Hornbook Center for Advanced Clinical Education – an achievement only boasted by 1% of dentists in the United States. The Naperville cosmetic dentist has also studied extensively at Chicago’s own Center for Esthetic Excellence. In her quest to offer her patients the best in service, this Naperville cosmetic dentist has also undergone special training for Invisalign certification.

A long-time Illinois resident, Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Gibson is active in many aspects of her community. She has authored a column for the Naperville Sun Times called “Open Wide” in which she offered advice and insight regarding all aspects of dentistry. She is a member of the Illinois State Dental Society, the Fox Valley Dental Society, and the Chicago Dental Society. Though she is located in Naperville, cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is also nationally connected via associations with such groups as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and the California Dental Society.

With only 14 percent of dentists being women, this Naperville cosmetic dentist is surely a role model for young women interested in the profession. In 2006, the American Association of Women Dentists featured Dr. Gibson on the cover of their September issue. In the same year, she was also honored as a Tri-Delta Sorority “Distinguished Delta Alumni” – and in fact, Naperville cosmetic dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is one of only 66 women bestowed with this honor.

Currently, Dr. Gibson is a highly sought after Naperville cosmetic dentist with an office in the upscale Promenade building in downtown Naperville. She, along with partner Dr. James Arnold, offers services in both preventative and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Chiann is married to Jim Gibson. She and her Emmy award winning husband have one son, James III, and reside in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

How Do You Find The Best Naperville Dentist?

In Health and Beauty on September 28, 2011 at 1:39 pm
Best Naperville Dentist

Best Naperville Dentist

Call Dr. Chiann Gibson at Smiles By Dr. Gibson at 630.357.3333 and make your appointment today!

You deserve a smile that lights up the room and the best Naperville dentist for the job is Dr. Chiann Gibson. Her staff at Smiles By Dr. Gibson is specially trained to make your dental experience more than just a fill and drill! This is the best Naperville dentist office for those looking for more than a cold chair and a free toothbrush.

There are many reasons why Smiles By Dr. Gibson is the best Naperville dentist office. Perhaps it is the massaging exam chair and plasma television in each room, or It could be scent of fresh baked bread wafting through the well-appointed, spa-like environment. These things certainly helped Dr. Gibson earn the reputation as the best Naperville dentist, but they are only the beginning.

Smiles By Dr. Gibson offers its patients amenities found nowhere else in the area. When is the last time you had a paraffin hand wax treatment at the dentist? In addition to her reputation as the very best Naperville dentist, Dr. Gibson is recognizable as the most pampering, too. As the best, Naperville dentist office Smiles By Dr. Gibson spoils guests with warm, scented towels, personal sound systems, and herbal neck pillows.

The best of the best Naperville dentist doesn’t stop at the office. Dr. Gibson made news recently when she bought a limousine to service patients opting for a signature Hollywood Smile Makeover. Smiles By Dr. Gibson wants patients to look and feel their best. Naperville dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson says that all of her patients are stars, that’s why she also holds monthly drawings for free limo service for all of her office‘s dental patrons.

A visit to the Smiles By Dr. Gibson website ( also offers insight as to why Dr. Gibson is the best Naperville Dentist. There are many informative articles, links, and even a live chat feature. If you are thinking that the services of the best Naperville Dentist are out of your reach, think again. The best Naperville dental office, Smiles By Dr. Gibson, is pleased to offer specials listed right on the site. Most insurance is accepted, too.

Dr. Chiann Gibson believes that the perfect smile should be attainable to all, not just a privilege for the elite. Her patients consistently rank her the best Naperville dentist for her down to earth attitude, flat rate services, and willingness to advise the most cost effective route for that perfect smile.

When you join the family of the best Naperville dentist, you’ll soon find that Dr. Gibson’s skill as a dentist overshadows even her knack for pampering. She offers services ranging from simple cleanings to veneers, all right from the most comfortable–and best–Naperville dentist office around.

About Best Naperville Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson

Recognized by many as the “best Naperville dentist,” Dr. Chiann Gibson is no stranger to awards. Not only is Dr. Gibson the best Naperville dentist, she is considered one of the medical community’s premiere female dentists. Having been featured on the cover of the American Association of Women Dentists magazine, Dr. Gibson is committed to helping boost the self-esteem of her clients, one smile at a time.

Long before she opened her Naperville dental practice, Dr. Chiann Gibson was a graduate from Tufts University. There, Dr. Gibson was a Merit Scholar, winning awards for her work in operative dentistry and prosthodontics. During her time at Tufts, the future best Naperville dentist worked as a clinical instructor.

To help pay for college, Chiann Gibson competed in pageants, catching the attention of Miss Universe pageant owner Donald Trump, who would later dub her the “official dentist of Miss Universe.” Mr. Trump credited best Naperville dentist Dr. Gibson “a dedication to her profession” and credited her with “that ability to create that perfect smile.” A former Mrs. United States of America, Dr. Gibson became the best Naperville dentist because she knows the confidence a winning smile can instill in a young woman.

“I achieved a beautiful smile through orthodontia,” the best Naperville dentist told Woman Dentist Journal. “This also resulted in an improved confidence level. I’m glad I can do the same for others today.”

Her practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson, specializes in cosmetic dentistry with an emphasis on giving patients a beautiful smile. Dr. Gibson achieved the reputation of best Naperville dentist through a dedication to helping others. With a vast clientele that includes celebrities and some of Naperville’s most prominent citizens, Dr. Gibson is not only the best Naperville dentist, she is also well-respected as a public speaker, with memberships in the American Association of Women Dentists and the American Dental Association, among many other organizations.

In 2006, Tri-Delta Sorority honored the best Naperville dentist with the “Distinguished Alumni” award, which Dr. Gibson received along with a number of public figures, including Dixie Carter, Senator Elizabeth Dole, and Katie Couric.

A published author, best Naperville dentist Dr. Gibson writes a column called Open Wide, which appears in The Naperville Sun Times. Her work has also been published in dental magazines. Her speaking engagements include conferences for the American Dental Association and the California Dental Society.

Smiles by Dr. Gibson offers a wide variety of services from this best Naperville dentist, including veneers, dental whitening, Invisalign braces, gum lifts and implants. Dr. Gibson believes in thinking of her work as “smile design,” as she knows that changing your smile can often alter your entire face, giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of having.

In addition to serving as the best Naperville dentist, Dr. Gibson is married to award-winning TV host Jim Gibson. They live in Sugar Grove and have a son, Jim III. In their spare time, the Gibsons are active in charity work, producing the annual Fight Night in Washington, D.C.

Naperville Family Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson Answers Your Questions

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Naperville Family Dentist

Naperville Family Dentist

Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson understands that patients have many questions when they come in for appointments. The Naperville family dentist sees it as her job to educate her patients so that they are not uneasy or nervous about procedures.

The Naperville family dentist serves patients in downtown Naperville at Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates, and she acknowledges that what may seem like simple dental terms can often be difficult to understand for the patient. When patients come to her Naperville family dentist office, Dr. Gibson makes a point to be sure that her patients fully understand procedures and terms.

One question the Naperville Family dentist hears frequently is, “What is a deep cleaning and why do I need it?”  Dr. Chiann Gibson explains that some problems can occur below the gum, which calls for deep cleaning and probing. The Naperville family dentist also points out that the American Dental Association recommends a visit to your dentist at least twice each year for a checkup. Sometimes old dental work wears out and needs to be repaired. The professionals at the Naperville family dentist can replace metal fillings, inlays and onlays. In addition, the Naperville family dentist can also replace crowns and says that Dr. Gibson and Associates can do many repairs in a single visit to Smiles.

If you have a general dental question or if you need to see the Naperville family dentist, call Smiles by Dr. Gibson & Associates at 630-357-3333. Dr. Chiann Gibson’s Naperville family dental office is staffed by a compassionate team of  dental professionals. Smiles By Dr. Gibson and Associates is a Naperville family dentist ready to serve patients in Naperville and surrounding areas including Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, Bollingbrook, Lisle and Wheaton. The Naperville family dentist office is open during convenient office hours on weekdays. For more information, visit the Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson online at

About Naperville Family Dentist

Did you know Naperville has an award-winning family dentist? It’s true – and Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is also a former Mrs. United States whom Donald Trump declared “Official Dentist of Miss Universe?” Trump also described Dr. Gibson as “a dedication to the profession,” when he gave her the honorary title during her reign as Mrs. United States.

A published author and newspaper columnist, Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson has spoken across the United States on the subject of dentistry. Using pageantry to help pay for her college education, the future Naperville family dentist graduated from Tufts Dental in 1995, joining a family practice in Boston, Massachusetts soon after graduation. While at Tufts, the future Dr. Chiann Gibson also received awards of excellence in both operative dentistry and prosthodontics.

Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is now with Smiles by Dr. Gibson & Associates in Naperville, Illinois. A published author, Dr. Gibson is known for her Open Wide column, published bi-weekly in the Naperville Sun Times. In 2006, the Naperville family dentist was chosen as one of Tri-Delta Sorority’s distinguished alumni, along with TV host Katie Couric, Senator Elizabeth Dole and actress Dixie Carter.