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Safe Ways to Exercise in the Heat

In Health and Beauty, Lifestyle, Personal on June 22, 2012 at 11:20 am

When hot weather strikes, many people want to continue their regular exercise routines. But you need to know how to keep working out while protecting yourself against the dangers of high temperatures and humidity. The staff of Presentation Solutions has a few tips to help athletes continue their regular routine, in any temperature.

The most important thing to keep at close hand is water.  A little known fact is that by the time a person becomes thirsty, they are already dehydrated. If you are exercising heavily in hot and humid weather it is possible to lose up to three liters (or over twelve cups) of water. So, it’s extremely important to keep hydrated or the body will start taking water from organs. In order to hydrate effectively, Presentation Solutions recommends that you start drinking water before going out into the heat. Experts recommend that athletes do not drink cold water because it can be jarring to the system. In order to hydrate properly, drink cool water and a lot of it – especially after you’ve exerted yourself.

Although it’s tempting to reach for something with more flavor than water, it’s extremely important to avoid drinking juice or soda. Both juice and soda contain more than ten percent of carbohydrates, which aren’t absorbed well during exercise. However, sports drinks are fine to consume while working out because they usually contain less than eight percent carbohydrates. When exercising for less than one and a half hours, either water or sports drinks do an equal job of keeping someone hydrated.

Presentation Solutions also recommends wearing light colored, roomy clothing when you are outside, because that helps reflect light and keep air circulating – which will help keep you cooler.

And one final tip for people who are keeping up with their exercise routine in the summer – try to stay out of direct sunlight by wearing a hat and sunscreen.