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Fred Wehba on Love in its Purest Form

In Religion on November 3, 2015 at 5:14 pm

Fred WehbaLove, says Fred Wehba, is best described in the Bible. After all, there is no greater source of love than the love of God. Here, Fred Wehba answers questions about the greatest of all gifts.

Q: How does the Bible define love?

Fred Wehba: In 1 Corinthians 13, it is stated that love is patient. This means that those who love have the ability to do so despite obstacles they must overcome.

Q: What does it mean that love does not envy?

Fred Wehba: When you have love in your heart, you do not feel jealous of what another has. The ability to love is the greatest gifts that we have been given, so when you find it there is no reason to be envious of anything.

Q: Why is love considered “not self-seeking?” Don’t we love to make ourselves better?

Fred Wehba: In its purest form, love does not develop just to make us feel good. Of course, that euphoric feeling comes with the love itself. You cannot force love into your life for your self-serving purposes.

Q: Is it possible to love during times of great darkness?

Fred Wehba: The Bible states that love does not delight in evil. Instead, it rejoices with the truth. This means that love will find a spark even in the darkest times.

Q: What are some ways to show love?

Fred Wehba: People show love in many different ways. A child will show love with the simplest of acts such as a hug or a trusting glance.

Q: And adults…?

Fred Wehba: Adults show their love in the compassion and empathy that they offer to others.

Q: Do animals love?

Fred Wehba: As God’s creatures, I believe that animals are capable of love. Their love is not shown or developed in the same way as humans though, because they are not human.

Q: Why does the Bible say that love never fails?

Fred Wehba: Real love is incapable of failure. So the feelings that do fail are not love.

Q: How is love different from the concept of knowledge and prophecy?

Fred Wehba: Knowledge can be lost over time and prophecies may come and go. The love of God is eternal.

Q: What does the Bible mean when it states that when “completeness comes, what is in part disappears?”

Fred Wehba: It’s very simple, really. When a part becomes a whole the unfinished is no more. The emptiness disappears and only the whole remains.

Q: Why does the Bible refer to a man as a clanging cymbal if he does not have love?

Fred Wehba: A man who speaks without love in his heart is simply making noise.

Q: Is it possible to learn to love by performing unselfish acts?

Fred Wehba: If the acts are truly selfless, you can open up the room for love in your heart. However, if they are done with the intent of gain that they are not pure.

Q: What is the most sustainable form of love?

Fred Wehba: All love – real love – is sustainable and shall remain despite circumstances, distance, and inconvenience. The only One who loves that perfectly is God Himself.

C. Frederick Wehba Considers Real Estate Options of Buying vs. Selling

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2014 at 11:52 am

C. Frederick WehbaC. Frederick Wehba, a real estate leader with four decades of experience in his field, has a deep understanding about the various complexities related to buying a property. For Americans today, this process carries with it an extraordinary financial responsibility, notes C. Frederick Wehba. In this recent interview with Presentation Solutions, C. Frederick Wehba explains the different activities required before completing a real estate purchase.

Presentation Solutions: Welcome – thanks for calling in today!

C. Frederick Wehba: I appreciate the opportunity, and you are welcome.

Presentation Solutions: Here’s the million-dollar question: Should people rent or own?

C. Frederick Wehba: Well, there are a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Presentation Solutions: That’s a broad answer…

C. Frederick Wehba: It is! Each individual must ask a number of important questions before making his or her decision.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the major costs?

C. Frederick Wehba: Business persons should consider their long-term prospects before purchasing a new property.

Presentation Solutions: How so?

C. Frederick Wehba: A significant down payment is often required in most cases, not to mention property appraisals and early-stage renovations.

Presentation Solutions: For what is the property owner responsible?

C. Frederick Wehba: Purchasing a property commits the owner to a variety of tasks. In the event of business growth requiring workplace changes, it may be difficult to make adjustments when property ownership is involved.

Presentation Solutions: What other considerations are important in this decision, in your opinion?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s the owner’s responsibility to take care of any waste products resulting from activities at the property.

Presentation Solutions: Could you talk about the possible consequences of poor maintenance?

C. Frederick Wehba: If the business releases contamination into the local ecosystem, legal authorities require that the business owner address the issue.

Presentation Solutions: What might be necessary in that scenario?

C. Frederick Wehba: Financial reparations are often necessary to fix the problem. And they can be quite costly.

Presentation Solutions: It seems that purchasing may not always be the right fit, then.

C. Frederick Wehba: Although it offers plenty of rewards, it is also a tremendous obligation and must be carefully considered before plunging ahead.

Presentation Solutions: Does the final decision depend on the specific neighborhood of the property?

C. Frederick Wehba: Location is always a vital aspect of the selection process, whether it is for the purchase of a personal home or commercial property.

Presentation Solutions: In more attractive areas, is leasing or purchasing the best option?

C. Frederick Wehba: Properties located in desirable regions are often easier to lease than to purchase, yes.

Presentation Solutions: Very interesting…

C. Frederick Wehba: The most prudent solution is to seek out the counsel of a top-level real estate professional who can offer invaluable guidance.

Presentation Solutions: This has been a highly educational chat. Thanks again!

C. Frederick Wehba: It has been my pleasure.

Los Angeles business expert C. Frederick Wehba is a trusted advisor in the real estate market, answering a series of questions for would-be lessors and property owners who are confused about these complex processes. We appreciate C. Frederick Wehba taking the time to share powerful information that sheds light on the various aspects of these transactions.