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Inga Freise Stahle | Grateful for the Gift of Being Multilingual

In Media, Professionals, Travel on October 12, 2011 at 3:28 pm
Inga Freise Stahle

Inga Freise Stahle

Inga Freise Stahle hasn’t yet found the need to purchase language CD’s online or over the phone. Growing up with German speaking parents in the French speaking part of Switzerland provided a solid foundation for Inga Freise Stahle to become multilingual at a very young age. In school, Inga Freise Stahle learned a third language, English, which was further perfected via traveling and work.

Later, as an adult, Inga Freise Stahle moved to Stockholm where she became proficient – and then fluent – in a fourth language, Swedish. This was made easier, relates Inga Freise Stahle, by the fact that Swedish is a Germanic language. Moving to Portugal allowed Inga Freise Stahle to master Portuguese as her 5th language. Portuguese is one of the “romance languages,” and is one of the more difficult languages to learn. For Inga Freise Stahle, it came a bit easier since she already spoke another Romance language – French. Inga Freise Stahle explains that “Romance languages” are the 25 different existing languages that derived from common Latin. Common Latin has lasted longer than upper class Roman, because it was the written form of the language – and that’s what has passed down through generations, Inga Freise Stahle explains.

When Inga Freise Stahle was living with her husband in Moscow among “ex-pats” (people from foreign lands, grouped together) she gained exposure to the Russian people and their native tongue. And, although Russian is a notoriously difficult language to master, Inga Freise Stahle was able to learn some basic Russian. Inga Freise Stahle is more than a little humbled by her good fortune to travel, and the opportunity it has brought her to study and learn languages around the world. “The best language school is living in the country,” concludes Inga Freise Stahle.

About Inga Freise Stahle

Inga Freise Stahle speaks five languages, with fluency in French, German, English and Swedish. It’s a talent that has proven to be valuable for Inga Freise Stahle, vocationally speaking. As administrative assistant to the director at Haut-Lac International School, Inga Freise Stahle is often appointed to greet new students and their parents, a responsibility that requires the ability to communicate in a variety of languages.

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Inga Freise Stahle has also lived in Sweden, Portugal, and Russia.

Inga Freise Stahle graduated from Goethe-Institut with a diploma in German teaching, which led to service as a German tutor in Switzerland and Moscow. From 2006-2007, Inga Freise Stahle worked as a French assistant at the British International School of Rosinka, Moscow. At Siemens-Elema AB, Inga Freise Stahle assisted with translations from the Swedish language into German, French and English.

As part of her duties at Haut-Lac International School, Inga Freise Stahle organizes all administrative work for the school. This provides Inga Freise Stahle with an opportunity to use all of her known languages in communicating with the international student body. French is Inga Freise Stahle’s first mother language and German is her second. Inga Freise Stahle is also fluent in English and Swedish, and possesses a working knowledge of Portuguese and some Russian.

Prior to her work in the field of education, Inga Freise Stahle enjoyed a career in marketing and public relations. Her work with Phillip Morris SA included market research and trend analysis, as well as solid one-to-one marketing experience. She also managed consumer promotions. With Special Events Mgt., Inga Freise Stahle organized seminars and VIP trips, as well as organizing VIPs at Formula 1 Grand Prix in Europe. For M.I.S., Inga Freise Stahle conducted opinion polls for the Swiss-German-speaking region, once again putting her multilingual skills to use.

Always interested in furthering her education, Inga Freise Stahle is currently studying advanced Excel, PowerPoint and Word. She has trained as a pharmacist, executive secretary and travel agent, in addition to her extensive study of various languages. She received a diploma from the Athena tourism and executive secretarial school in Lausanne, after beginning a career as a travel agent with Havas Voyages, also in Lausanne. In 1989, she received a diploma from the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce for the Intermediate Business English Examination.

A graduate of Pully High School, Inga Freise Stahle currently lives in Switzerland with her two children, Petter and Emilie. Her hobbies include skiing, swimming, tennis, and travel.