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Advice from Konrad Kafarski | Keeping a Business Name Yours – Konrad Kafarski

In Professionals on January 22, 2010 at 10:55 am

Konrad Kafarski knows that starting a new business can be a terrifying adventure for even the most experienced business person. There are so many details and risks to account for, notes Konrad Kafarski, and yet he affirms that the entrepreneurial spirit prevails. If you have an entrepreneurial bent towards starting a business, you have much to consider, says Konrad Kafarski. Elements like the right product, enough financing, accounting, and legal representation are all critical components of getting a business going. Long before you need inventory, says Konrad Kafarski, you will need an experienced lawyer.

You’ll need an attorney, continues Konrad Kafarski, because the legal side of starting a business often has the most obscure and intimidating angles. Customers never see the legal end of your operations, says Konrad Kafarski, but your company could not exist without it. Before a business plan gets too far along, recruit the help you’ll need.

Konrad Kafarski notes that what often serves to snag a budding business proposition is the seemingly simple need to choose a business name. A name is not something to be taken lightly, adds Konrad Kafarski. Your business name will be at the core of your recognizability to customers. Konrad Kafarski knows it can be a challenge to choose a name that is short and recognizable, while still conveying the mission of your enterprise. Often entrepreneurs use the names of loved ones when naming their businesses. There are many options, agrees Konrad Kafarski.

Konrad Kafarski urges entrepreneurs not to overlook the legal issues that come with choosing a name for your business. The name you choose will be how you identify your company to the world. It will be emblazoned on all of your literature. Choose a name to be proud of, and choose one that will have longevity. Most importantly, says Konrad Kafarski, choose a name that you are sure you own.

The legal business of sorting out company names is under the umbrella of trademark law, explains Konrad Kafarski. Lawyers help business owners make sure that their name is unique and safe, so that no other entity will come along and lay claim to the name you have chosen. You may have heard horror stories about a large corporation squeezing out a small operation because that small business had the same or even a similar name as the corporation. By consulting with an experienced attorney during your naming process, Konrad Kafarski says that you can ensure that this fate does not befall your new business.