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Kris Krohn: Creating a Real Estate Power Team

In Real Estate on October 18, 2013 at 4:27 am

Kris KrohnKris Krohn is a well-known real estate investor, investment coach and author. As a founder and President of Strongbrook Direct, Kris Krohn has developed real estate investment formulas that have helped people achieve financial stability by generating residual income. The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth is his copyrighted formula for achieving real estate investment success.

Kris Krohn shares that the best strategy is helping clients identify and purchase very specific low-priced homes at a discount, hold them short-term, and convert the equity into additional homes at the earliest possible moment. Kris Krohn states that a key principle of achieving critical mass on the Strait Path to Real Estate Success is the principle of collaboration.

Kris Krohn is committed to assisting clients in turning their initial rental homes into a much larger portfolio in a few short years through profits, growth and gains. Kris Krohn offers an approach to real estate that is mostly passive for Strongbrook clients in which a team of more than 200 experts find, purchase, maintain, sell and do nearly all the work for their clients. Real estate is not a field where a go-it-alone approach is preferred, reports Kris Krohn.

Kris Krohn says, “Here’s my secret: I have learned that if you really want something done right, do not do it all yourself. If you assemble the right ‘power team’ and collaborate, you will find that you give up only a small part of the profits to do much less of the work. You can’t be a lone wolf.”

Kris Krohn calls this kind of collaboration leveraging, which means using other people’s assets to your own advantage, all offered willingly, of course. Kris Krohn reports that there are five forms of leveraging: other people’s money, other people’s time or labor, other people’s experience or knowledge, other people’s ideas, and other people’s systems.

Kris Krohn says that successful real estate investing requires a team of experts—what he calls a power team—that is committed to your success and that you can count on to spread the workload around. Kris Krohn recommends that clients fill the following roles on their real estate investing power team: realtor, mortgage broker, title officer, certified public accountant, attorney, banker and insurance broker.

Success demands a large team of real estate professionals, according to Kris Krohn. Let them help you grow your portfolio; don’t try to learn it all or do it all yourself. Kris Krohn and Strongbrook gives you access to their very own in-house power team.

Kris Krohn reports that the Strongbrook Group consists of the following teams: Strongbrook REIC, the educational and informational arm of the company that gets clients started, Strongbrook Realty, which finds the properties worth buying, and Strongbrook Lending, which helps clients obtain optimal financing from a variety of lenders that specialize in real estate investment lending. It also owns Strongbrook Property MGMT, the property management arm of the company, Strongbrook Financial Services, which provides overall financial strategizing on behalf of clients, and Strongbrook Direct, the sales arm that markets to consumers.

Kris Krohn is proud to have co-founded this group of companies that fill such a unique niche in the market and serve so many people. Kris Krohn and his associates personify the collaborative spirit that they promote and have made it their goal to teach others to do the same.

As a renowned public speaker, Kris Krohn has shared his successful Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth model with thousands of Americans.