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Larry Starr, Sarasota Owner of AutoXotic, Offers Exotic Vehicle Rentals

In Real Estate on February 22, 2013 at 11:14 am
Larry Starr Sarasota

Larry Starr Sarasota

Larry Starr, Sarasota area resident, brings the ultimate fun to vacationers in Southwest Florida and beyond through AutoXotic, a new exotic and luxury vehicle rental and ownership company. In an interview with Presentation Solutions, Larry Starr, Sarasota vacation rental expert and entrepreneur, discusses this exciting new company.

Presentation Solutions: AutoXotic, now that name implies a lot! Tell us about the company.

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: Yes, it sure does! AutoXotic combines the thrill of fast, gorgeous exotic and luxury cars offer, but with affordability. Larry Starr, Sarasota area vacationers now have the opportunity to drive cars that normally only the rich and famous can through renting or owning part-time.

Presentation Solutions: Owning part-time – what does that mean?

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: This is an ideal set-up for someone looking to drive an exotic car without being encumbered with a year-round price tag. Through this innovative ownership model, Sarasota-area seasonal residents can own and have access to a luxury car for 90 days each year. AutoXotic takes care of storage and maintenance. While Sarasota is our Headquarters, we provide cars on a nationwide basis.

Presentation Solutions: How long a period of time can someone rent an AutoXotic vehicle?

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: People can rent cars for a day, a week, or months; it’s really up to the customer.

Presentation Solutions: Does AutoXotic rent to just anyone?

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: No, there are several rental criteria. Drivers should be ready to provide proof of age 25, proof of insurance, and should be ready to put down a credit card or cash as a damage deposit.

Presentation Solutions: Tell readers about the types of cars they can rent or own through AutoXotic.

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: These are the exotic cars seen in movies, and include Aston Martins, just like James Bond drives, Lamborghinis similar to the one featured in the latest Batman movie, as well as Ferraris, Bentley, and McLarens, to name a few.

Presentation Solutions: Sounds thrilling! What types of customers has AutoXotic attracted?

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: This is a tremendously fun business, and vacationers, seasonal guests, business people, and professional sports stars are all customers. For people that live in areas with cold-weather climates, owning an exotic car part-time is appealing and our innovative ownership provides any thrill-seeker with a jolt, but not to the wallet.

Presentation Solutions: It sounds like AutoXotic serves people outside of the Sarasota, Florida area, too. Explain how that works.

Larry Starr, Sarasota, FL: While AutoXotic is a Sarasota based business; the company will deliver vehicles outside of the 25-mile radius of Sarasota for an additional fee.

Larry Starr, Sarasota area resident and businessman, is the owner of AutoXotic and President of Rental Vacation Accomodations. Larry Starr ’s Sarasota properties and businesses have been pleasing southwest Florida vacationers and seasonal guests for 25 years.