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Douglas Andrew Explains the Best Route to Financial Success

In Finance on August 24, 2012 at 2:39 pm
Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew is often called upon to explain his Laser method of securing wealth—liquidity, safety, and rate of return. In his experience, Douglas Andrew explains, maximum funded tax-advantaged life insurance contracts provide all three. It’s important that they be structured correctly, as outlined in Douglas Andrew’s Missed Fortune books and workshops. Douglas Andrew recently spoke to Presentation Solutions about the best way to structure policies.

Presentation Solutions: Explain what you mean by “maximum funded.”

Douglas Andrew: I like to use the analogy of a five-story building. If someone owns a five-story building, but only keeps the first couple of floors rented, that person may have trouble meeting his or her overhead.

Presentation Solutions: So the goal is to rent out all five floors.

Douglas Andrew: Which, in this case, would translate to funding your life insurance contract at the maximum amount allowed.

Presentation Solutions: But a person can’t do this all at once, right?

Douglas Andrew: Under the tax laws, the money must be built up gradually. The goal would be to rent out the first floor then, over time, the second floor and onto the third.

Presentation Solutions: How long should this process take?

Douglas Andrew: It depends on the person’s age, but by the fifth year, the person really starts to see results. I just tell our clients to be patient those first few years.

Presentation Solutions: What if someone is too old to take out a life insurance policy?

Douglas Andrew: I have clients in their sixties and seventies who do this.

Presentation Solutions: Do they have to take out a specific type of plan?

Douglas Andrew: My older clients often will take out a “second to die” or “survivorship” policy.

Presentation Solutions: Do all life insurance companies have these types of policies?

Douglas Andrew: No, only a select group of companies offer these. Missed Fortune helps clients find the best policy for them.

Presentation Solutions: What about your younger clients? Can they go through any life insurance company to do that?

Douglas Andrew: I always stress the importance of choosing the right financial advisor. Our wealth architects at Missed Fortune have a specific expertise in this type of funding.

Presentation Solutions: How can individuals learn more about maximum funded tax-advantaged life insurance contracts?

Douglas Andrew: The quickest approach is to meet with one of our wealth architects.  Additionally, there are many resources, including videos, workshops, and educational materials.  I would recommend someone visit the Missed Fortune website and go from there.

Douglas Andrew regularly conducts workshops in addition to his Missed Fortune books. For more information about Douglas Andrew and Missed Fortune, visit

Missed Fortune Founder Douglas Andrew Discusses Safety in Wealth Accumulation

In Finance on August 7, 2012 at 6:45 am
Missed Fortune

Missed Fortune

Missed Fortune ( educates individuals regarding the Laser method of wealth planning—liquidity, safety, and rate of return, as well as tax benefits. Missed Fortune educates clients about how to enjoy healthy rates of return; keeping funds liquid so that they can access them when they need them. Today, Missed Fortune founder Douglas Andrew talks to Presentation Solutions about safety in wealth accumulation.

Presentation Solutions: Safety is a big concern for many individuals these days, with the current economic environment. Has Missed Fortune seen an increase in this concern?

Missed Fortune: Yes, and this is why we always make a point to address safety in Missed Fortune’s workshops and educational materials. For many of our clients, the primary concern is with the banks and financial institutions where money is parked.

Presentation Solutions: How does Missed Fortune help individuals create “predictability” in retirement and wealth planning?

Missed Fortune: In our Missed Fortune materials, we give the example of Dr. Edwards Deming, the total quality management engineer who transformed Japan into the quality exporter of electronics and automobiles it is today. Dr. Deming said management of anything in life is predictability.

Presentation Solutions: Including funds?

Missed Fortune: Yes. We have to create predictable safety in our financial institutions.

Presentation Solutions: There were many banks that didn’t survive the Great Depression.

Missed Fortune: Quite true; forty percent of banks never opened their doors again, as we mention in the Missed Fortune materials. Some real estate dropped as much as 80 percent. But there was one group that did not falter during the Great Depression – the life insurance industry.

Presentation Solutions: How could the insurance industry survive when so many banks failed?

Missed Fortune: The life insurance industry falls under very strict regulations set by legal reserve requirements that are far more stringent than those set for banks and financial institutions.

Presentation Solutions: Many of them were established in the 1800s.

Missed Fortune: Many banks and credit unions have as much as 30-40% of their tier one assets invested in insurance companies for liquidity and safety.

Presentation Solutions: That’s definitely very telling.

Missed Fortune: Insurance companies have a greater ability to provide liquidity for their customers.

Presentation Solutions: But insurance companies invest, too, don’t they?

Missed Fortune: Yes, often insurance companies will have as much as 70-80% of their general account portfolio invested in AAA and AA bonds. They might have 15-20% loaned out on property investments like skyscrapers and shopping malls.  They also have 10-20% liquid.

Presentation Solutions: What if they have to foreclose on one of those properties?

Missed Fortune: They still come out with a huge profit.

Presentation Solutions: So what you are saying is that these life insurance companies are known for being safe…

Missed Fortune: Absolutely! In fact, they’re notorious for having that safety built in and being very smart with their funds.

To Douglas Andrew and the team at Missed Fortune, safety is a priority in wealth accumulation, just behind liquidity. Andrew shares his strategies in his workshops and educational materials, all available through his website,