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Theodore Stroukoff Discusses the Challenges of Coaching

In Health and Beauty, Sports on April 11, 2012 at 11:40 am
Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff has encountered many challenging situations in his work as a travel nurse. But his 27 years as a figure skating coach have prepared Theodore Stroukoff for a variety of situations, as well as boosting his people skills.

When asked what skills he gained from his years of coaching, Theodore Stroukoff points to several. The first is creativity. In helping students prepare for competition, Theodore Stroukoff says that he was forced to tap into his more artistic side. This creativity now helps Theodore Stroukoff in his work as a travel nurse, when he has to think outside the box as it relates to taking care of his patients.

Theodore Stroukoff also notes that he learned persistence during his time as a figure skating coach. Watching numerous young skaters show up day after day, continuing to practice even when competition was fierce, Theodore Stroukoff says that he discovered an important lesson about the benefits of hard work. The students also inspired Theodore Stroukoff with their focus and commitment, he says. It is a philosophy Theodore Stroukoff carries with him into his nursing work today.

One of the most valuable benefits Theodore Stroukoff gained from coaching, he says, was learning innovative ways to explain technique to students. Theodore Stroukoff finds himself regularly using the skills he learned as a teacher in his nursing duties. Whether it’s helping a patient learn to use crutches or teaching a first-time mother to care for her newborn baby, Theodore Stroukoff has fine-tuned a talent for patiently explaining techniques to others.

Patience was another trait Theodore Stroukoff says that he honed as a figure skating coach. According to Theodore Stroukoff, the patience he learned as a teacher has translated well to his work as a travel nurse.

While Theodore Stroukoff thinks back fondly on his coaching days, his work as a travel nurse has led him to challenges he never imagined. Theodore Stroukoff says he has been able to work in a variety of facilities and situations and doing so has allowed him to stretch his abilities as a nurse, taking him to the next level professionally.