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Phil Melugin on How Phoenix Home Care Helps Clients

In Health and Beauty on November 1, 2012 at 11:40 am
Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin has embraced the concept of personalized home healthcare throughout his career. In his current capacity as the President of Phoenix Home Care, Phil Melugin leverages the Christ-like values of compassion and integrity in his staff in the hopes that those values will carry through to the company’s clients. Phil Melugin answers questions about Phoenix Home Care’s services below.

Q: What state-funded services does Phoenix Home Care provide?

Phil Melugin: We offer a wide variety of services funded by the state, including private duty nursing, a range of therapies, wound management, and much more.

Q: If a client needs an evaluation to determine if a home is safe enough, can Phoenix Home Care provide that?

Phil Melugin: Yes, absolutely. That is one of the many services we offer.

Q: What about children and infants? Does Phoenix Home Care provide in-home care for younger age groups?

Phil Melugin: Yes, our staff includes qualified private duty nurses who specialize in caring for children of all ages.

Q: What about children with special needs or medical conditions?

Phil Melugin: Our nurses are able to care for children who have a variety of conditions, from cancer to autism to serious injuries.

Q: Will Phoenix Home Care accept my insurance?

Phil Melugin: Probably, but you need to check with your provider to be certain. In addition to most major medical plans, Phoenix Home Care also accepts Medicaid.

Q: You also offer in-home assistance for new moms. Tell me more about that.

Phil Melugin: Our New Beginnings package helps provide relief for new moms, whether in the form of education on such issues as breastfeeding or simply providing moms a chance to rest.

Q: What if a family member is suddenly left incapacitated and in need of assistance?

Phil Melugin: Phoenix Home Care can provide emergency care for the elderly, as well as injured children and adults. That assistance can include meal preparation, helping with medication schedules, and even help around the house.

Q: Is Phoenix Home Care available in my area?

Phil Melugin: We have offices in many areas of Kansas and Missouri. Visit our website to see if we cover your area.

Q: If someone qualifies for Consumer Directed Services, can Phoenix Home Care help with that?

Phil Melugin: We provide a variety of Consumer Directed Services, including transportation and wound dressing.

Q: Phoenix Home Care advertises that it follows Christ-like values. Does this trickle down to all your employees?

Phil Melugin: Yes. We carefully screen each of our employees to make sure they share our values of honesty, integrity, and compassion. This is important because it allows us to provide quality care to our clients.

Phil Melugin holds a Master of Education with a specialty in counseling. For more information on Phil Melugin and the services Phoenix Home Care provides, visit


Philip Melugin Discusses How Sound Leadership Built Phoenix Home Care

In Health and Beauty on October 8, 2012 at 10:49 am
Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin founded Phoenix Home Care in 2011. A little more than a year later, the organization has seen astronomical growth. This is in large part due to Philip Melugin’s strong leadership and the environment he creates within an organization. Here, the home health care administrator answers some questions he frequently receives about his leadership and how it factors into Phoenix Home Care’s success.

Q: When was Phoenix Home Care established?

Philip Melugin: We opened our doors in May 2011 and, in just over a year, have grown to a company that employs more than 700.

Q: How is this impacting the local economy?

Philip Melugin: Phoenix Home Care was recently acknowledged for its positive economic impact by the Springfield Business Journal.

Q: Describe the growth Phoenix Home Care has seen since 2011.

Philip Melugin: We’re currently annualizing $19 million, with 16,000 hours of service. This has helped provide additional jobs for healthcare workers and helped fulfill the need for services in the areas of Kansas and Missouri we support.

Q: And you continue to grow. To what do you attribute your success?

Philip Melugin: At Phoenix Home Care, we emphasize the importance of personalized, compassionate treatment for our clients. We believe this sets us apart from other healthcare agencies.

Q: Does the fact that you’re going into people’s homes pose challenges?

Philip Melugin: Yes, and this is why we choose our workers with great care.  Our employees are expected to have the same commitment to quality care as our management team. We also place strong emphasis on core values when choosing employees. We believe that this value system filters down to our clients through our personnel.

Q: How do you narrow that down in the interview?

Philip Melugin: We have an in-depth interview process that screens applicants beyond their job history. It’s important to us to find candidates who have a compassionate heart that will drive everything they do in providing care for our clients. We also stress Christ-like values of compassion, honesty, and patients for everyone who works for Phoenix Home Care.

Prior to joining Phoenix Home Care, Philip Melugin was co-owner of Integrity Home Care and assistant vice president of Oxford Health Care. Philip Melugin has served on several advisory boards to advocate for the advancement of treatment for the ABD population. Melugin lives in Missouri with his wife of 24 years and his children, two of whom are studying for careers in medicine.