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Phillip Elden on the Beauty of His Hometown, Cottage Grove, Oregon

In General on October 29, 2013 at 5:04 am

Phillip-Elden-Cottage-Grove2Phillip Elden, a resident of Cottage Grove, Oregon, espouses the beauty and charm of this unique community. Since moving there more than two decades ago with his wife Cindi, Phillip Elden has embraced the culture and tradition of Cottage Grove while embarking upon a series of environmental projects. Below, Phillip Elden explains his fascination with Cottage Grove and the area’s terrific scenery.

Presentation Solutions: We appreciate you stopping by Presentation Solutions to chat today.

Phillip Elden: Thank you so much for the invitation!

Presentation Solutions: Why is living in Cottage Grove such a treasure?

Phillip Elden: Cottage Grove as a whole is focused on building community. What residents really value about this town is the sense that we are all in this together.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the more notable features of Cottage Grove?

Phillip Elden: Well, for one I’d say it is the restoration project of the Chambers Railroad Bridge. It’s a great indicator of the tone of this town about how much the residents in Cottage Grove care.

Presentation Solutions: What other locations can a visitor to the area conveniently visit from Cottage Grove?

Phillip Elden: It’s possible to be at the beach – specifically Coos Bay – in just a couple hours. Newport, Oregon and the Umpqua National Forest are also within driving distance.

Presentation Solutions: How far away is Portland?

Phillip Elden: By car, the trip to Portland only takes about two hours.

Presentation Solutions: That’s no time at all, really.

Phillip Elden: Exactly. Everything you need or want is a short distance away. IN fact, my wife Cindi and I have been residents of this area for more than 20 years and it’s hard to imagine leaving.

Presentation Solutions: What is Cottage Grove best known for?

Phillip Elden: Cottage Grove is hailed all across the country as the “Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon.” Lane County is home to six covered bridges, all of which can be found right around Cottage Grove.

Presentation Solutions: Can you name a couple of these bridges?

Phillip Elden: The most prominent is Chambers Railroad Bridge, which stands out as the sole covered railroad bridge in the state. Other bridges include Stewart Bridge, Mosby Creek Bridge, Centennial Bridge, Dorena Bridge and Currin Bridge.

Presentation Solutions: Where can people find more information about these bridges?

Phillip Elden: For information about all of these beautiful bridges, the Lane County Covered Bridge website is a terrific source. This website will include a visual history of each bridge and a variety of informational materials.

Presentation Solutions: What’s the best source for information on Cottage Grove?

Phillip Elden: For more information on this wonderful community, people can access the local Chamber of Commerce website.

Presentation Solutions: Has Cottage Grove received any awards or accolades?

Phillip Elden: Cottage Grove was chosen for a most prestigious honor in the years of 1968 and 2004: All-America City.

Presentation Solutions: Quite impressive…

Phillip Elden: This distinction is even more considerable given that only one other Oregon city has received this award on two separate occasions.

Presentation Solutions: Well, we wish you many more years of happiness in Cottage Grove.

Phillip Elden: If you are ever in the area, I look forward to showing you around some time.

A champion of environmental causes, Phillip Elden continues in his mission to protect the wildlife of Oregon through a number of local organizations. Phillip Elden is the president of Native Oregon.