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Rick Siskey Tells Charlotte, NC Entrepreneurs How to Succeed in Leadership

In Finance on October 17, 2011 at 4:56 pm
Rick Siskey Charlotte, NC

Rick Siskey Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey has two words to describe leadership: lonely and tough. Quoting life and experience as his primary teachers, Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey draws on thirty years in business in his work helping others.

One of the biggest mistakes Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC sees leaders make is getting caught up in the little things. Micromanaging managers turn their employees’ brains to mush, Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey explains. These managers, Charlotte, NC-based Rick Siskey thinks, end up getting so caught up in the details, they end up getting nowhere.

According to Rick Siskey, the key to taking your mind off of the little details is hiring people you can trust. To be more specific, the Charlotte, NC businessman suggests to hire people more intelligent than you are, if possible. Good leaders surround themselves with experts in the subjects-at-hand, freeing themselves up to focus on the business of leading, Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC says.

“Arrogantly pretending to have all the answers will stunt growth,” Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC says. “Confident people, not arrogant ones, can admit they need other people to be a success.”

Pride—and, specifically, the ability to set pride aside—is one of the biggest keys to success, Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey says. Charlotte, NC resident Rick Siskey tells clients that the ability to put business ahead of self is what makes true leaders. Instead of building self, Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey says, a leader builds people, which is most important of all.

Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC, believes true success comes in win-win situations, where everyone has a stake in the outcome. In order to be a good leader, one must have followers.

Finally, while many of those in the business world shy away from failure, Rick Siskey advises his Charlotte, NC clients to embrace failure as the learning experience it is. Siskey believes the true failure is in not learning from your mistakes. This, Rick Siskey of Charlotte, NC says, is what makes a successful businessperson and leader.

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Rick Siskey on the Importance of Giving Back to Your Community

In Finance on August 30, 2011 at 1:53 pm
Rick Siskey

Rick Siskey

A longtime proponent of angel investing, Siskey Industries’ chairman Rick Siskey is a firm believer in giving back to one’s community. “The belief that it’s more important to make things better – not bigger – has been a foundational principle to everything I do,” Rick Siskey explains.

While Rick Siskey has worked hard to build his companies, including Wall Street Capitol and Siskey Industries, he firmly believes in following a dream. But dreaming involves more than success in work. “I want to live my life with as few regrets as possible,” Rick Siskey notes. And for Rick Siskey, that involves giving back as much as possible. With great success comes great responsibility and Rick Siskey works hard to make sure he helps others achieve their dreams.

Part of that work involves angel investing.  Rick Siskey points small businesses to the TV show Shark Tank as an example of what angel investors are looking for. “It’s essential that a small business owner understands that money from an angel investor is an investment with a needed return, and that it’s not just a loan,” explains Rick Siskey. While investors certainly hope to gain from this kind of risk taking, Rick Siskey points out that it is still the small start-up company that benefits the most. For those pursuing a dream, angel investors can be a great way to get the start-up capital that can make or break a small company. While many ideas never quite get off the ground, having someone who believes in you can make a huge difference between success and failure.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on at Siskey Industries is our ability to to help build their actual business,” Rick Siskey says. Siskey Industries also provides coaching and advising to help small businesses through good and bad times.

Over a span of three decades, Rick Siskey has become recognized as a premier investor and advisor to entrepreneurs and businesses.  Possessing “an uncanny ability to discern situations in advance,” Rick Siskey knows what it takes to start, build, finance and sell companies. Following a successful career in the financial markets, Rick Siskey established Wall Street Capitol to service the types of financial needs expected by high net worth clientele.  Today Wall Street Capitol performs at a level not easily matched for entrepreneurs and individuals of financial means. Rick Siskey is also the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC, offering traditional and alternative sources of capital funding, strategic advisory solutions and alternative investment opportunities.  Through Siskey Industries, Rick Siskey joins his expertise to a network of industry professionals in the arena of private equity investing. For more information, visit

???  Can something be added about the YMCA branch named for Siskey?  Also regular supporters of St. Judes, Charlotte Catholic Charities, etc. among other things.  This also speaks to giving back to the community.