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According to Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, Bad Habits Can Be an Addiction in Disguise

In Health and Beauty on January 26, 2010 at 3:43 am

According to the staff at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, many people who struggle with drug addictions avoid facing their problem by referring to it as a bad habit. “There are many addictions out there,” say counselors at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, “and we see them manifest in many ways.” In this article, the team at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center explains and clarifies some of the fuzzy boundaries between addiction and bad habits.

Alcoholism is a classic example seen by the therapists at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center. Alcohol is such a common and readily available drug that many people even forget that it is a drug at all. At Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, treatment for alcohol addiction is a primary segment of their work with clients. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center sees many people who think they use alcohol casually, but in fact are addicted. These clients cannot get through a normal productive day without having alcohol. They become irritable, according to the staff at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, and might even get shaky hands in anticipation of a drink. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center wants these clients to know that this is symptomatic of an addiction; it goes well beyond a bad habit, make no mistake about it.

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center reports that tobacco use is another “bad habit” drug that can fall under the umbrella of addiction. People who smoke with regularity, explains Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, depend on the effects of nicotine all day long. They are chemically addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center states that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet.

Unfortunately, note the counselors at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, alcohol and tobacco addictions are accepted addictions in our society today. This is why many times they are mistakenly labeled bad habits. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center has found that trouble is compounded because these invisible addictions to alcohol and tobacco become the foundation for other, more obvious – dangerous – addictions.

Sanctioned addictions, like alcohol and tobacco, create a cushion that addicts may use to bring drug abuse into the fold of their lives, says Suncoast Rehabilitation Center. Drugs, like sleeping pills or illegal street drugs, are blended into an addict’s mind as being nothing more serious than alcohol and tobacco. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center understands the severity of drug addiction in all of its many forms. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is committed to leading as many people as possible out of the dark labyrinth of addiction.