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Traveling to Italy

In Personal, Travel on August 22, 2012 at 12:20 pm
Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser has grown up with a lot of talent and with great plans to fulfill his dreams. Kyle is a medical student who loves music and especially the piano. He has won an award in playing the piano and this is why he has plans and hopes of going to Italy. He has picked a few places that he will visit in Italy while still holding his quest to succeed in his medical career.

Kyle wishes to visit La Fenice in Italy where he feels that the people have done a lot in building their music. This music hall has burnt down twice and they worked hard to rebuild the place. Being a music fan, Kyle feels that there plenty of history and music lessons that one would benefit from visiting this place. It is an amazing structure that has been built with a lot of architectural design and Kyle says that he has to see it one day.

The next place that Kyle plans to see is the Regio Torino. This building was also damaged by fire and then it was rebuilt and still stands tall. This was a very tragic disaster that happened in Italy but it has now come back with a lot of power. The Regio Torino is a theater that people gather as professionals play music, theatrical plays and even the famous classic operas. Kyle is very keen to see all these events because he loves them all with one breath.

Kyle also wants to see the San Carlo which is known as the oldest opera building throughout Italy. This is the house where the very first ballet presentation was done and this is still very memorable. The museum is being built and soon it will be complete and Kyle can view all the classic operas and music events as they happened. This is a place with the most beautiful comedy and it is as old as 1737.

Massimo is another beautiful place that Kyle intends to visit. The place holds different cultural events of Sicily and this part of the music in Italy today. The cultures mix from Arabic to Spanish and even Italian.

Kyle Thomas Glasser also plans to see the Arena di Verona where he believes he will find history and a connection to music. Kyle knows that these places are his dreams but he knows that through his medical career he will be able to fulfill his dreams.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays Recommends Mexican Destinations

In Travel on June 11, 2012 at 1:54 am
Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a full service travel agency, with expertise not only about destinations in Mexico, but every country in the world. Travelers can experience the firm’s unparalleled customer service as part of their club membership program. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a world-class leader in the travel industry and invites new members to take advantage of the best that Mexico – and the world – has to offer.

Although Mexico has a great deal of diversity, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, many Mexican destinations share a natural, cultural and gastronomical richness. Throughout Mexico’s beautiful beaches, historical sites, archaeological wonders and mountains, visitors will be amazed by the splendor that surrounds them. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that whether travelers prefer outdoor activities like water rafting and mountain climbing, or would rather soak up Mexico’s long and amazing culture in museums or galleries, there is no doubt that newcomers will want to come back for more. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays invites members to enjoy this mystical and beautiful country, and in this brief article suggests some of the top destinations that visitors should see on their Mexican vacation.

Acapulco is a romantic port that promises visitors adventure and relaxation, too. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes that Acapulco is the number one place for tourists to visit. When travelers reach the city they will be astounded at the options available to them. From bungee jumping to dancing the night away, no one will ever be bored in Acapulco. And with Pierre Bennett Global Holidays discounts on resorts, visitors can concentrate on everything that the city has to offer. Acapulco has some of the best sailing, scuba diving and para-sailing that visitors can hope to find, and when the day is done, the city has some of the best dining and nightlife around.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also recommends a visit to Guadalajara. This capital of the state of Jalisco is a bustling metropolis and has earned its nickname, “The Pearl of the West.” Guadalajara boasts broad, tree-lined streets with parks and fountains along with galleries, museums and modern architecture. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes that the city also has a wonderful confluence of the traditional and the new, with mariachi music alongside new musicians, nightclubs, the national sport of charrería, and a sprinkling of actors and producers.

Another popular destination, Puerto Vallarta, lies along a stunning stretch of the water, according to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays.  With exuberant vegetation, striking natural scenery and thriving local traditions, this charming city is a little slice of paradise. Whether visitors are more comfortable on a fishing boat, swimming, dining, exploring the tropical waterfalls or just laying on the beach waiting for dolphins to appear, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays says that a trip to Puerto Vallarta is sure to be memorable.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays suggests that members visit Playa del Carmen, located on the Mexican Caribbean. One of the most stellar attractions of the Riviera, the city is a radiant place in the middle of a stunning area. According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, Playa del Carmen is located in the heart of the Mayan area of Mexico and has a semi-tropical climate, which makes it perfect for any aquatic activity. The city has seen unprecedented growth from when it was a small village fifteen years ago, and is now regarded as a cosmopolitan place with outdoor restaurants, bars, high-end shopping and crafts. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays suggests that members visit the city with food on their mind, as Playa del Carmen’s signature cuisine is by itself worth a visit to this lovely city on the shore of the Caribbean.

The Perfect Vacation Source Wants You to Have Your Dream Vacation to Australia

In Outdoor Adventures on May 18, 2012 at 2:31 pm
Perfect Vacation Source

Perfect Vacation Source

The Perfect Vacation Source is a travel club specializing in resort vacations at wholesale prices. Because they are also a full-service travel agency, they are knowledgeable about areas all over the world. Today, they are discussing some of the most exciting places to visit in Australia with the staff at Presentation Solutions.

Presentation Solutions: Good Morning, thank you for joining us.

The Perfect Vacation Source: We appreciate the invitation, and you’re welcome.

Presentation Solutions: Because you are so familiar with Australia, can you tell us what the “must see” places are?

The Perfect Vacation Source: One of the most stunning places on earth is the Great Barrier Reef, and there is a small island on the reef named Port Douglas for Low Isles that’s also magnificent.

Presentation Solutions: What else would you recommend visitors see on the Great Barrier Reef?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Traveling on a clear-bottomed boat through the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most mesmerizing and exhilarating trips that a person can take. Also, we suggest to travelers that they consider renting a boat to spend the night anchored in the reef. There’s nothing like it.

Presentation Solutions: That sounds so tranquil. Well, if someone is able to pry him or herself away from the ocean, where else should they go?

The Perfect Vacation Source: We highly recommend that visitors check out the area in Swan Valley. It’s home to the oldest wine producing region in Australia.

Presentation Solutions: What else can visitors experience there?

The Perfect Vacation Source: The Swan Valley is well known for it’s amazing vineyards, microbreweries and waterfalls.

Presentation Solutions: That sounds so picturesque.

The Perfect Vacation Source: It really is. And it’s a fantastic place to go horse riding and biking too.

Presentation Solutions: Where else would you point people towards?

The Perfect Vacation Source: We would definitely suggest that they visit Cairns.

Presentation Solutions: What are some of the highlights in Cairns?

The Perfect Vacation Source: There are amazing fruit farms which grow mangoes, bananas and pineapples.

Presentation Solutions: What you’re describing almost sounds like Paradise.

The Perfect Vacation Source: It truly is. And there is also fantastic seafood and organic bush food.

Presentation Solutions: There are rainforests in Australia, correct?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Oh, yes there are. And the Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest is an amazingly diverse area. It houses an extensive range of animals and plants.

Presentation Solutions: Is there anything else you would like to share before we wrap things up?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Yes, one more thing. We think that visitors to Australia should visit the Aboriginal areas. The Aboriginal people have a rich and amazing culture and many visitors find them awe-inspiring.

Presentation Solutions: Thank you so much for talking to us today.

The Perfect Vacation Source: It was our pleasure. Thanks for having us.

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