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Victoria Vitale-Lewis | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center | Dr. Vitale Lewis

In Health and Beauty on August 10, 2009 at 10:38 am

Why Choose Victoria Vitale-Lewis, M.D. and the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center? – By Victoria Vitale Lewis

Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis has been practicing cosmetic surgery since 1987 in Brevard County. Known for her practices of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Vitale-Lewis attracts an international clientele from as far away as Austria, England, and Germany. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is President-elect of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons for 2007. Her expertise has led her to be featured on many national television programs including Good Morning America, Discovery Health Channel and Fox 35 news.

As a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis has lectured and trained surgeons from around the world. She is a published author of a plastic surgery book on sclerotherapy and is a contributing author to The Womens Encyclopedia of Health and Emotional Healing. She is considered an expert in her signature “The Feminine Facelift.” Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis graduated Phi Beta Kappa from St. Louis University where she also obtained her medical degree from the School of Medicine.  Her general surgery and plastic surgery residencies were completed at St. Louis University Hospital. Additional training at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine enabled Dr. Vitale-Lewis to earn her fellowship in Microsurgery.

Dedicated to Your Personal Comfort

You are Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis’ top priority. You’ll receive personalized, individual attention throughout your experience. From the moment you enter our restored turn-of-the-century building, you’ll discover that everything is designed for your comfort. From the classic antique furnishings to our sophisticated surgical suite, we’ve designed a tranquil environment to ensure your comfort. Your wishes for privacy are also treated with respect. It is important that you have a positive experience.

Today 99% of cosmetic surgical procedures are accomplished on an outpatient basis.  For those rare procedures requiring more than just a few hours of post-surgery recuperation, the center’s overnight room allows you to recover in the comfort of a home-like environment under the watchful eye of a trained nurse. For those patients wishing a hospital-based procedure, we are able to accommodate that request.

The Highest Standards of Excellence

The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is a new facility designed for patient-focused care, personal comfort and medical excellence. The staff at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is selected by Dr. Vitale-Lewis to ensure continuity, caring and a team of highly skilled professionals. She has a team of highly trained nurses and technicians as well as a nurse practitioner who was personally trained by Dr. Vitale-Lewis on her techniques and philosophy. They are prepared to answer your questions and meet your needs before, during and after your surgery.

Dr. Vitale-Lewis’ state-of-the-art sophisticated outpatient surgery facility was created specifically for cosmetic plastic surgery. The surgical suite meets the highest standards of medical care, while focusing on your comfort and safety as a top priority. From the outside it looks like an elegant Southern home from an earlier century.  Go inside, and you’ll find the utmost in high-tech cosmetic surgery. The Victorian home built in the 1890’s is decorated in soothing tranquility.

One way to make sure you’re delighted with the results of your surgery is to understand and communicate what you want and expect. Dr. Vitale-Lewis’ state of the art video imaging system helps manipulate your image in a computer and allows you to visualize different effects. Although the system won’t show exactly how you will look once you’ve had your surgery, it will give you an idea of the possibilities.


If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you should be comfortable with the doctor you have chosen. Here at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis wants you to know that you are important. She believes that the time you spend in your cosmetic consultation should be both thorough and informative.

You first option is a complimentary consultation with the patient educator. This provides you with information on the procedure, estimated costs and discussion of finance options.  Before and after pictures will be reviewed as well.

After you have seen the patient educator, if you feel you are ready to make the next step, we will schedule a consultation for you with Dr. Vitale-Lewis. There is a minimal fee for the doctor that is applied towards surgical costs. You will get a quote once your surgical plan is finalized.

We hope that you leave our office as an informed patient, excited about the future and its many possibilities. We are available for any follow up questions by phone or even for a second consultation to assist you in making your decision.

The cosmetic consultation is an important step in the process of considering cosmetic surgery. We understand more than anyone that a cosmetic consultation can be seen as an intimidating or daunting experience. Because of this, we take special care to ensure that our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible in a professional, yet friendly atmosphere.

The goal of a cosmetic consultation at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is primarily to educate the patient about the procedures available to address their concerns, the process of preparing for the procedure(s), and the recovery period involved. We want to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make an informed choice.

In order to make your dreams become a reality, you must take the first step — contact us to make an appointment for your cosmetic consultation.

Dr Victoria Vitale-Lewis is a Florida board-certified Plastic Surgeon. She specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery to enhance your appearance by re-contouring facial and body features. Whether you want to flatten your abdomen, enhance your breasts, slim your thighs or restore damaged, wrinkled skin, the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center offers procedures to boost your confidence and improve your appearance from head to toe. Procedures and treatments include:

Facial and Eyelid Surgery
Endoscopic Facelifts
Mini-face lifts
Upper/lower eyelid
Chin/cheek implants
Forehead lifts
Nasal Surgery
Rhinoplasty (nose)
Nasal tip elevation
Cosmetic Facial Treatments
Chemical peels
CO2 Laser resurfacing
Breast Augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast lifts
Transumbilical (bellybutton)
Body Contouring
Liposuction and tummy tucks
Lipolysis (mesotherapy)
Endermologie (cellulite reduction)
Ear Surgery
Protruding ear correction
Spider vein removal
Restylane and other fillers

Facial and Eyelid Surgery

  1. Endoscopic Facelifts
  2. Mini-face lifts
  3. Upper/lower eyelid
  4. Chin/cheek implants
  5. Forehead lifts

Nasal Surgery

  1. Rhinoplasty (nose)
  2. Nasal tip elevation

Cosmetic Facial Treatments

  1. Dermabrasion
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Fraxel
  4. IPL/V-Beam
  5. CO2 Laser resurfacing

Breast Augmentation

  1. Breast reduction
  2. Breast lifts
  3. Transumbilical (bellybutton)

Body Contouring

  1. Liposuction and tummy tucks
  2. Lipolysis (mesotherapy)
  3. Endermologie (cellulite reduction)

Ear Surgery

  1. Protruding ear correction


  1. Spider vein removal


  1. Botox
  2. Restylane and other fillers