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Green Water Technologies on How to Protect Property With Pro Elite Systems

In General on October 11, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Green-Water-Technologies-Woman-Water-SystemGreen Water Technologies, located in San Antonio, Texas, assists a wide range of homes and businesses with their water treatment needs. In this interview, Green Water Technologies describes how hard water can have a negative impact on properties and suggests the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE as a viable solution to this widespread problem.

Presentation Solutions: What’s the primary focus of Green Water Technologies?

Green Water Technologies: Safety comes first for every project. The licensed staff focuses on water quality for all purposes. The Pro Elite Systems, which is high-efficiency and Energy Star-certified, accomplishes this goal.

Presentation Solutions: How can water be unsafe?

Green Water Technologies: Water may contain hidden particles that will break down pipes, clog appliances, and generally cost people money and energy.  However, water is generally safe to consume.

Presentation Solutions: Is there a way to make water more desirable?

Green Water Technologies: Yes. In fact, recent studies have shown that homes and businesses alike can be protected by using softened water. The Pro Elite System rewards the customer with quality water throughout a home or business.

Presentation Solutions: Who conducted these studies?

Green Water Technologies: The Water Quality Research Foundation created these innovative studies, which have presented significant evidence about softened water and its positive effects on the entire property.

Presentation Solutions: What’s one of their key findings?

Green Water Technologies: Water heaters are one major example. According to these extensive studies, gas water heaters that are operated on softened water have held their factory efficiency rating throughout their 15-year lifetime.

Presentation Solutions: How does hard water change the results?

Green Water Technologies: In the presence of hard water, about one-half of the original efficiency was lost in most test cases.

Presentation Solutions: Was there an appreciable difference with electric water heaters?

Green Water Technologies: In electric water heaters, the overall life of the heating element has been shortened due largely to scale buildup found inside the unit.

Presentation Solutions: What does this mean for the consumer?

Green Water Technologies: This can mean having to replace the unit much sooner than necessary.

Presentation Solutions: How else does softened water help a property?

Green Water Technologies: Users can save both energy and money by using much less dishwasher or laundry detergent just through the introduction of softened water. Needless to say, this reduction in product usage saves money for the consumer.

Presentation Solutions: That’s a valuable perk.

Green Water Technologies: Very much so, but that’s not all. Individuals or businesses may have purchased extended warranties for expensive household products. By using a water softener, people create their own extended warranties that will actually increase and enhance the life of this valuable equipment.

Presentation Solutions: What are some other benefits of softened water?

Green Water Technologies: The benefits of softened water include cleaner clothes, fewer spots on dishes, less shower film, and better soap lather.

Green Water Technologies believes that softened water is an investment well worth exploring. For more information on Green Water Technologies, visit