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Dr. William Knudson: Helping People Care for Their Feet

In Health and Beauty on October 17, 2010 at 6:46 am

Dr. William Knudson points out that feet are such an essential part of our everyday lives that many people take them for granted. We rely on our feet every day, says Dr. William Knudson, but we do not care for them nearly as often. For the benefit of patients and their families, Dr. William Knudson outlines some useful techniques for improving and prolonging foot health.

To begin, Dr. William Knudson points out that most people get dressed immediately after they bathe or shower. This means that people often put on their socks and shoes, says Dr. William Knudson, while their feet are damp or even wet. To avoid the growth of fungus and other adverse skin conditions, Dr. William Knudson advises making sure the feet are dry before putting on shoes and to always wear fresh clean socks. Dr. William Knudson also cautions patients to pay particular attention to the spaces between the toes when drying.

As an added precaution, Dr. William Knudson also suggests that a light dusting of talcum powder will help keep feet dry and comfortable. Dr. William Knudson advises wearing well-fitting shoes and avoiding tight shoes that restrict airflow and circulation. Tight shoes that squeeze toes together, says Dr. William Knudson, can contribute to the formation of bunions and fungus.

If sitting for a prolonged period of time, cautions Dr. William Knudson, it’s advisable to stand up periodically and walk around a bit. When sitting with crossed legs, adds Dr. William Knudson, uncross the legs or remember to reverse the crossing often. Dr. William Knudson reports that crossing the legs hampers circulation. Good circulation, states Dr. William Knudson, is of utmost importance for foot health. Dr. William Knudson points out that a family doctor can diagnose some general foot problems. A family doctor, continues Dr. William Knudson is equipped to offer basic foot care advice and then he or she may refer patients to a reputable podiatrist, if needed, for further medical assistance.