Visibility issues hamper firefighters

In Marian harding on October 17, 2009 at 5:00 pm

The hot summer weather in California in many instances results in wild fires burning across the state in various counties. The state fire department is always hard at work in this occasions trying to put out fires and not just save lives but property, wildlife and the environment.
In some instances the fires may be burning over very large areas causing huge flames and a lot of smoke. This results in poor visibility and the fire department becomes unable to dispatch copters or tankers to fight the fires as the smoke is too dense and visibility poor. At one instance in the state, the fire jumped the Yuba river and was threatening Colgate house.
At first firefighters were able to contain the fire at only 18 per cent. The higher percentage was uncontrollable and was threatening property and lives. Some counties were under mandatory evacuation while others were on voluntary evacuation, depending on the threat. The firefighters claimed they would have the fire under control in two or three day’s time.
This particular fire is said to have been started by a hawk which flew into power lines and caused the fire. This incident also caused a power blackout to about 100 homes in the area.

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