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Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers Require Experience

In Pets on June 15, 2010 at 3:51 am

The experts at Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers have been breeding award winning, sought after miniature schnauzers for 30 years. After three decades, Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers has gained a unique perspective on the temperaments of these most beloved pets. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers says the furry friends are smart, engaging, high-energy companions. Some first time dog owners that consider a schnauzer, adds Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, soon learn that schnauzers take an experienced level of involvement and dedication on the dog owner’s part. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers says that this animal’s qualities are best cultivated by an experienced dog owner, one that is committed to persistent training.

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers describes miniature schnauzers as intelligent, energetic and loving pets with a wayward demeanor. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers explains that miniature schnauzers enjoy the company of humans and other dogs when they are correctly and deliberately socialized as little pups. Despite socialization training, adds Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, people who have pet rodents must not acquire a schnauzer. Likewise, says Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, miniature schnauzer owners should never get any pet rodents. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers explained that since their inception in Germany in the 16th century, miniature schnauzers have been bred for centuries as watchdogs, ratters, and vermin catchers. Because of this, continues Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, it is a schnauzer’s instinct to hunt and kill rodents.

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers says that miniature schnauzers are truly rewarding companions. They live long lives, says Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, and are exceedingly loyal to their owner. At the same time, the experts are Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers do not recommend a schnauzer for first time dog owners. Because of their precocious intelligence, adds Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, miniature schnauzers need firm training, lest they develop inconvenient habits of forcing their own way. When training is well implemented, continues Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers, the little champs are so responsive that they end up making champion show ring appearances.

For more information, contact Marian Harding at Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers:
4637 Blairwood Dr.
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Marian Harding Describes the World’s Best Pet

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Marian Harding has spent 30 years in the competitive dog-breeding world. In the span of her career, Marian Harding has bred, handled or cared for thousands of dogs. Of all breeds, Marian Harding’s favorite breed by far is the miniature schnauzer. Marian Harding describes miniature schnauzers as intelligent, loving, ideal companions. Miniature schnauzers, says Marian Harding, love to be with their masters or families as often as possible. Originally bred as watchdogs and vermin hunters, adds Marian Harding, mini schnauzers thrive from participating in the lives of their masters. Marian Harding notes that miniature schnauzers have been bred for centuries to guard and faithfully obey their humans. This devotional sensibility, says Marian Harding, coupled with the schnauzers’ natural energy make them excellent pets for active families.

Marian Harding offers some brief historical notes about mini schnauzers. Miniature schnauzers, says Marian Harding, originated in Germany and Bavaria in the 1500s. Marian Harding adds that because of their aforementioned desirable traits they became instantly popular with farming families and landed gentry alike. In the 1800s, continues Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers were introduced to North America. Since that time, notes Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers have been winning dog show competitions and the hearts of animal lovers across the continent.

A typical miniature schnauzer, describes Marian Harding, stands approximately 12 to 14 inches tall. Marian Harding adds that this small size allows them to live well in both the country and the city. In fact, adds Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers are adept apartment dogs. But their small size can be misleading, says Marian Harding, because these little wonders have a great deal of verve, personality and energy packed into their adorable frames. To properly care for a miniature schnauzer, continues Marian Harding, an owner must take them on at least two 20-minute walks each day. In addition to vigorous walks, points out Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers also require persistent and conscientious training.

Visibility issues hamper firefighters

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The hot summer weather in California in many instances results in wild fires burning across the state in various counties. The state fire department is always hard at work in this occasions trying to put out fires and not just save lives but property, wildlife and the environment.
In some instances the fires may be burning over very large areas causing huge flames and a lot of smoke. This results in poor visibility and the fire department becomes unable to dispatch copters or tankers to fight the fires as the smoke is too dense and visibility poor. At one instance in the state, the fire jumped the Yuba river and was threatening Colgate house.
At first firefighters were able to contain the fire at only 18 per cent. The higher percentage was uncontrollable and was threatening property and lives. Some counties were under mandatory evacuation while others were on voluntary evacuation, depending on the threat. The firefighters claimed they would have the fire under control in two or three day’s time.
This particular fire is said to have been started by a hawk which flew into power lines and caused the fire. This incident also caused a power blackout to about 100 homes in the area.

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers | Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers

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Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers Once Again Focused

Knoxville TN – October 3, 2009 — Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers once again focused. A local dog breeder’s influence is felt around the world. While Marian Harding of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers does not directly show her prize miniature schnauzers, her breed is always of interest to dog owners around the world.

Marian Harding and Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers always follow the results of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in New York City each year. Beginning in 1877, “The World’s Greatest Dog Show” is now in its 133rd year. “The show is best known because of its worldwide telecast,” says Marian Harding. There is however one particular portion of the event that hits close to home for her. “They have, for many years promoted dog breeders such as Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers,” says Marian. At some point in every show they make a very special announcement. Viewers worldwide will always hear, “If you are planning to add a dog to your life and have come to look over the best of the best, please note, no dog you have seen here came from a pet shop, or was the ‘product’ of a puppy mill. If you want a dog, go to the people who care – the dedicated specialty breeders who have made dogs like those you see here a lifetime effort. Talk dogs with dog people who care and understand.” For Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers this type of support is greatly appreciated.

Miniature Schnauzers are a highly sought after breed. Demand has been so strong that there has been a specialized kennel club for more than seventy years. The American Miniature Schnauzer Club, a member club of the American Kennel Club, was founded in 1933. It has over 600 members residing in nearly all 50 states, and in Canada and other foreign countries. The AMSC is the parent organization for some 25 local Miniature Schnauzer Specialty Clubs in the United States. In addition to breeding, these dogs are fierce competitors in shows around the country, and the Westminster show is no exception. Competing in the Terrier breed class, audiences always enjoy watching these master show dogs strut their stuff.

Despite the breed’s popularity, many people are not familiar with where this breed originates from. The Miniature Schnauzer, cousin to the larger Standard Schnauzer, did not originate in England as many other terriers did, but in Germany, according to Marian Harding. They are small dogs but in no way are they delicate. They make an excellent companion because they are obedient, quick to learn, devoted to their owner, spunky and fearless. With the experiences gained since 1980 when Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers was established, Marian Harding is aware that this breed’s deepest need is to live as part of a family, going where they go and doing what they do. They don’t shed, but do need to be groomed every six weeks or so. They come in three colors: salt and pepper, black and silver, and solid black.

Every year you will see excellent representations of this breed in dog shows such as the Westminster Kennel Club show competing for the “Best Of Breed” category. Marian Harding is always focused and always interested. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers always benefit from shows like this. Located in east Tennessee, as one of only a handful of breeders in this part of the country, makes the kennel a destination point for dog lovers.

Contact Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers :
Marian Harding
Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers
4637 Blairwood Dr.
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Telephone: 865-922-0522 or 865-207-6199

Marian Harding – Helping Hand for Your Pets

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Marian Harding is known for her pet care programs, and pet lovers all over the world are familiar with her useful tips regarding proper pet care. Marian Harding and Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers have been actively helping pet owners for 30 years.

Tips given by Marian Harding are very helpful to people who are struggling with their pets especially when they take them outdoors during the summer season. Marian Harding has vast experience with respect to breeding quality Schnauzers and Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers has been a very successful venture. The services provided at Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers include breeding quality Schnauzers and also stud service. Marian Harding is an active member of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club.

Visit the official website of Marian Harding at to learn more about the breeding services of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers.

The Measure of Our Success – A Book Of Positive Values

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Hard work is the thing which changes the life of humans.Self confidence is the one which leads the life of every one at their difficult periods and makes them to the top again.This is the book which is specially written to parents on how to teach self confidence,hardwork and the basics to be attached in with family.This is one of the best book contains strong positive values.This is a amazing book where you can find a full positive thoughts in life. A good book is more than good friends.A good book teaches you the high values and changes your charachter to the best one.The book ‘The Measure Of Our Success’ is more than of thousand good friends.This book contains such a power by giving you all the positive things to your mind.Whenever your read the book you can find a great energy after reading it.
This book teaches some special methods to parents on how to keep their children in the best way whenever they reach the next stage in their life.On the every stage from childhood to adulthood how their children has to be kept at the best on their life.The author teaches these lessons by from her own life with her children and gives the high values to make your children a great one. Every lesson teaches a moral for the readers.The positive strong values on this book really will change you to the best of your charachter.A great salute has to be given for the author for teaching us such a positive values to us.Marian is the author of ‘The Measure Of Our Success’.

Marian Harding | Summer & Schnauzers Great Combination | Marian Harding

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Summer and Schnauzers Can Make a Wonderful Combination – By Marian Harding

Summer is a time for both you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors. Along with the sunshine and fun, “the season also creates the potential to endanger your pet,” says Marian Harding, owner of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers. Pro-actively planning ahead, you will reduce the chance that an accident will happen. Marian Harding offers these tips.

Closed vehicles and animals don’t mix.

One of the great joys of summer is taking your dog with you; they enjoy it as much as you do say Marian Harding. This enjoyment can be cut short by a forgetful moment. During summer weather, the inside of your vehicle can reach 100+ degrees in a matter of minutes, even if you’re parked in the shade. This creates a crisis quickly for your four legged companion.

Dogs don’t perspire and can only dispel heat by panting and through the pads of their feet. According to Marian Harding Pets left in a hot vehicle, even briefly, can suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, brain damage, and even die. Don’t think that just because you’ll be gone “just a minute” that your pet will be safe while you’re gone; even an air-conditioned car with the motor off isn’t healthy for your pet. “Treat your dog as you would a baby,” cautions Marian Harding. “You can never be too careful.”

To avoid any chance that your pet will succumb to the heat of a car this summer, you may decide to play it safe by leaving your dog cool and refreshed at home while you travel. While miniature schnauzers love to travel they are just as comfortable resting at home. Marian Harding advice if you do happen to see a dog in a vehicle alone during the hot summer months, notify the management of the store where the car is parked. If the owner does not return quickly, call local animal control or the police department immediately.

About Marian Harding

Marian Harding and Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers have provided breeding quality Schnauzers since 1980. Puppies come with health and temperament guarantee. Services offered include puppies, stud service and adult dogs. Marian Harding has been a Member of AMSC (American Miniature Schnauzer Club) since 1990.

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers | Trucks Can’t Help Hot Dogs | Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers

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Trucks Can’t Help Hot Dogs Says Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers By Marian Harding

Every summer we see dogs at Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers that arrive in the back of pickup trucks. “While these aren’t the world class prize-winning show dogs we are known for, it concerns us none the less,” says Marian Harding, owner of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers.

It’s very dangerous, and in some states even illegal, to drive with a dog in the back of a pickup truck. People always seem to think that the dog will enjoy the ride and that it cools a hot dog off. That is simply not true and is especially dangerous for small dogs like miniature schnauzers.  Not only can flying debris cause serious injury, but a dog may be unintentionally thrown into traffic if the driver suddenly hits the brakes, swerves, or is hit by another car. According to dogs should ride either in the cab or in a secured crate in the bed of the truck. Dogs and trucks make great companions as long as safety is the first consideration.


Marian Harding and Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers have provided breeding quality Schnauzers since 1980. Puppies come with health and temperament guarantee. Services offered include puppies, stud service and adult dogs. Hardinhaus has been a Member of AMSC (American Miniature Schnauzer Club) since 1990.