Travel Tips from Bruce Bommarito | Being Prepared for International Airport Security

In Travel on April 5, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Bruce Bommarito is a travel authority who works at the state and federal level to make travel more rewarding for fellow Americans. One of the best things that travelers can do for a smooth trip, says Bruce Bommarito, is to inform themselves about the security regulations of the airports they are passing through. It is not enough to understand domestic security regulations. That is the easy part. Bruce Bommarito also points out that responsible travelers need to know the security regulations of the foreign country to which they are traveling.

In previous writing forums, Bruce Bommarito offered a traveler’s primer to airport regulations. In this post, the travel and tourism professional continues in that spirit, including documentation, boarding and arrival. Bruce Bommarito emphasizes that identity verification is the most important factor of international travel. Often, explains Bruce Bommarito, government issued ID is insufficient documentation. Be prepared by carrying your passport, a copy of your birth certificate and a certificate of citizenship.

For travelers who do not want to burden themselves with half a dozen forms of identification, Bruce Bommarito suggests doing a little homework. Bruce Bommarito urges travelers to visit the embassy of the country they will be visiting long before they start packing. Bruce Bommarito also likes to get in touch with the airports and airlines he will be traveling with. This way he can prepare a faithful list of the documentation he will need for a smooth trip.

It is true, admits Bruce Bommarito, that international travel has become a bit more complicated than it was in years past. Bruce Bommarito noted part of this complication is due to the post-9/11 environment we live in. Governments have less of a hold on our ever-growing global community. Also, the fear of terror attacks is higher than ever since September 11, 2001.

Understandably, explains Bruce Bommarito, security considerations are at an all time high. But all of this aside, Bruce Bommarito concludes by assuring travelers that international trips are still a delightful adventure, they simply require more rigorous preparation these days.

  1. Bruce Bommarito attended Michigan State University in the early 1970s. Bruce Bommarito is a certified hotel administrator and also taught hotel administration at the University of South Carolina School of Hotel Management. Bruce Bommarito has served as Director of the Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT).

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