James Smith Discusses Owning Versus Renting Yachts

In Professionals on April 13, 2010 at 4:16 pm

James Smith enjoys traveling, but not all of this traveling involves destinations. Recently, James Smith paraphrased an old adage, “The joy is in the journey.” James Smith pointed out that sometimes a fantastic adventure vacation has nothing to do with where you are going, and everything to do with how you get there.

In this instance, James Smith is talking about adventure sailing. Adventure sailing is taking a long deep-sea cruise either on your own yacht or a chartered vessel. While on a recent trip, James Smith explained why he thinks that owning a yacht is more satisfying than renting a vessel. It’s true that if you own the boat, there are more responsibilities, but James Smith thinks the benefits far outweigh the obligations.

According to James Smith, one reason that individuals may prefer to own their own yacht is flexibility. When the boat is your own, you can take it out any time you like. A boat owner never has to make reservations or call a travel agent. He can simply go down to his boat and take to the sea. James Smith acknowledges that the most significant expenses of maintaining your won boat are the berthing fees, food for your trips, and fuel for your ship. However, James Smith points out that renting a yacht incurs some of the same costs. A chartered boat often charges for the crew’s food and the ship’s fuel anyway.

Owning your own yacht, continues James Smith, also has more business oriented and fiscal advantages than it seems. James Smith explains that yachts, if they are sufficiently equipped with a permanent galley, a head, and at least one berth, could be classified as a second home and a place of business. Business conducted on your yacht becomes tax deductible. James Smith encourages boat owners to consult with their tax advisors for more details about these particular perks of yacht ownership.

In the end, if you sail enough, owning your own yacht is less expensive and more fulfilling than renting a yacht each time you want to cruise the ocean.

Konrad Kafarski

Konrad Kafarski

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