Best Drug Rehabilitation Discusses Alcohol Detoxification Methods

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In their years of treatment, Best Drug Rehabilitation has developed a varied and personalized portfolio of alcohol withdrawal treatment methods.  In the past, explains Best Drug Rehabilitation, alcohol detoxification was addressed by a blanket inpatient medical treatment that involved regular doses of sedatives to dampen the effects of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. According to Best Drug Rehabilitation, this one-size-fits-all method did not address the different needs and levels of severity that alcohol addicts exhibit.

Best Drug Rehabilitation notes that people with moderate to mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms could often detoxify at home with the supervision of a nurse practitioner.  This method, says Best Drug Rehabilitation, can be as safe, effective and much less expensive than inpatient care at a specialized facility.  For addicts with economic troubles as well as drug troubles, Best Drug Rehabilitation reports that this outpatient method may often be an addict’s best chance to clean up.

Severely dependent drinkers, continues Best Drug Rehabilitation, experience much less success with outpatient detoxification, though it is possible.  Best Drug Rehabilitation explains that a severely dependent drinker cannot voluntarily stay away from alcohol and must be monitored more closely.  For this segment of the addict population, Best Drug Rehabilitation suggests more traditional inpatient detoxification.  Such inpatient detoxification programs, says Best Drug Rehabilitation, are also called residential treatment programs.

Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment centers offer residential treatment programs.  The good news about Best Drug Rehabilitation’s modern, holistic approach to residential treatment is that it may not require sedatives to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  For obvious reasons, Best Drug Rehabilitation would rather not supplant an alcoholic’s addiction with another non-alcoholic drug.

Clinical experience has shown that many cases of alcohol detoxification at Best Drug Rehabilitation can be successfully managed without medication.  What an addict usually needs, points out the team of professionals at Best Drug Rehabilitation, is counseling and reassurance in a safe, quiet and supportive environment.  With the help of professional non-medical staff, Best Drug Rehabilitation has been able to foster this environment, to the benefit of hundreds of addicts and their concerned families.

  1. Best Drug Rehabilitation provides addiction treatment that is designed to heal the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The treatment centers of Best Drug Rehabilitation offer rehabilitation that is tailored to each client’s individual needs. Each person is encouraged to choose their own pathway to recovery through many different rehabilitation therapies designed to give him or her a voice in their own healing process.

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