Marian Harding Describes the World’s Best Pet

In Pets on June 15, 2010 at 3:42 am

Marian Harding has spent 30 years in the competitive dog-breeding world. In the span of her career, Marian Harding has bred, handled or cared for thousands of dogs. Of all breeds, Marian Harding’s favorite breed by far is the miniature schnauzer. Marian Harding describes miniature schnauzers as intelligent, loving, ideal companions. Miniature schnauzers, says Marian Harding, love to be with their masters or families as often as possible. Originally bred as watchdogs and vermin hunters, adds Marian Harding, mini schnauzers thrive from participating in the lives of their masters. Marian Harding notes that miniature schnauzers have been bred for centuries to guard and faithfully obey their humans. This devotional sensibility, says Marian Harding, coupled with the schnauzers’ natural energy make them excellent pets for active families.

Marian Harding offers some brief historical notes about mini schnauzers. Miniature schnauzers, says Marian Harding, originated in Germany and Bavaria in the 1500s. Marian Harding adds that because of their aforementioned desirable traits they became instantly popular with farming families and landed gentry alike. In the 1800s, continues Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers were introduced to North America. Since that time, notes Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers have been winning dog show competitions and the hearts of animal lovers across the continent.

A typical miniature schnauzer, describes Marian Harding, stands approximately 12 to 14 inches tall. Marian Harding adds that this small size allows them to live well in both the country and the city. In fact, adds Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers are adept apartment dogs. But their small size can be misleading, says Marian Harding, because these little wonders have a great deal of verve, personality and energy packed into their adorable frames. To properly care for a miniature schnauzer, continues Marian Harding, an owner must take them on at least two 20-minute walks each day. In addition to vigorous walks, points out Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers also require persistent and conscientious training.

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