Care Tips from SMART Carpet | Vacuuming Carpets

In Home and Family on September 2, 2010 at 12:35 pm

The reason why the SMART Carpet sales team talks so much about vacuuming as a carpet care tip is that it’s an important preventive measure. A clean carpet has a longer life.

The experienced professionals at SMART Carpet, which offers a full line of carpet and flooring services to both residential and business customers in New Jersey, Staten Island and eastern Pennsylvania, advise all SMART Carpet customers to target high-traffic areas with frequent vacuuming.

It’s important to be thorough, going over the same swatch several times before moving on, adds the SMART Carpet installation team. If dry soil is not removed, the particles can actually damage individual carpet fibers, causing visible wear, explains SMART Carpet. This is why SMART Carpet sales people go so far as to remind customers to change the direction in which they move the vacuum.

Other carpet care advice from SMART Carpet includes tips about the vacuum itself. After making a large investment in new carpet for your home, SMART Carpet experts encourage homeowners to invest in a good vacuum to take care of it properly. Less powerful machines may pick up surface dirt, says the SMART Carpet team, but they are unable to suction soil that has worked down into the pile. In fact, adds SMART Carpet, the carpet pile should stand upright after vacuuming. According to the SMART Carpet experts, this is visible proof that the carpet is not matting.

The vacuums that most SMART Carpet staff use are machines with either rotating brushes or brushes combined with beater bars. These vacuums will loosen soil by agitating the carpet, explain the professionals at SMART Carpet, which makes it easier for the particles to be sucked up. Follow all manufacturers recommendations, advise the SMART Carpet experts, especially when it comes to frequency of bag replacement.

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