Dr. Eric Siani DMD Talks Top Toothpastes

In Health and Beauty on August 27, 2010 at 1:08 am

Dentist Dr. Eric Siani DMD of Palmdale, California asserts that his patients don’t actually need toothpaste (or any other cleanser) to brush the teeth and remove plaque. However, continues Dr. Eric Siani DMD, the abrasives found in toothpaste do help clean teeth.

The best toothpaste for to buy is very much based on each individual’s own needs, personal preference and budget says Dr. Eric Siani DMD. Toothpastes can range in price from less than a dollar to five dollars or more per tube, so if you find one you like that’s inexpensive, certainly that’s the toothpaste for you, acknowledges Dr. Eric Siani DMD.

If the toothpaste has been approved by the American Dental Association (meaning that it has been properly tested in a controlled clinical situation and deemed to be effective in the fight against tooth decay, explains Dr. Eric Siani DMD), then so much the better.

For patients who have sensitive teeth, Dr. Eric Siani DMD recommends toothpaste that is made specifically for that condition. According to Dr. Eric Siani DMD, the ingredient to look for in sensitive toothpastes is potassium nitrate. The first sign of sensitive teeth tends to be that they ache when cold liquids are consumed, says Dr. Eric Siani DMD.

If you do have sensitive teeth, make sure your dentist checks to ensure both teeth and gums are healthy. Dr. Eric Siani DMD explains that it is vital to confirm that the only treatment you require for sensitive teeth is the use of sensitive toothpaste.

Toothpastes that remove stains can be extremely abrasive, cautions Dr. Eric Siani DMD. Not only can this type of toothpaste cause tooth sensitivity, it can also be harmful to veneers. If a patient has had cosmetic work done but needs whitening toothpaste that removes stubborn stains, Dr. Eric Siani DMD advises that looking for one that uses chemicals rather than harsh abrasives to do the job.

Some toothpastes help combat bad breath, and patients can also use mouthwashes effectively to keep the breath fresh. Dentists like Dr. Eric Siani DMD might also recommend that patients increase their daily water intake to combat bad breath, and chomp on plaque preventing snacks like celery and raw carrots between meals. Dr. Eric Siani DMD also points out that sugar-free lozenges and gum are also good breath boosters whenever necessary.

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