Pastor Pierre Bennett: Loving God through a Holy Life

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Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett has been working to help others all his adult life. Beginning as a serviceman in the military and continuing with his own resort travel club business, Pastor Pierre Bennett has experienced the joy of helping others. It is in his pastoral ministry, however, that Pastor Pierre Bennett found his true calling as the founder and leader of God’s Luv International Ministries Church.

Pastor Pierre Bennett acknowledges that we’re all sinners. But he believes that the biggest sin of all isn’t physical sin. Sometimes we sin the most when we think we’re walking so perfectly that we could never make a mistake, Pastor Pierre Bennett explains.

We all have weaknesses, Pastor Pierre Bennett points out. And if the Lord sees we need to be strengthened in a particular area, He works to strengthen us. Before Pastor Pierre Bennett was called to the ministry, he confesses, he lived a sinful life. In fact, Pastor Pierre Bennett often compares himself to Paul, chief of all sinners. While Pastor Bennett doesn’t believe in glorifying that part of his past, he does believe that sometimes the most remarkable change comes in going from the far left to the far right and learning what really matters to God.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, once a person has been through the firey consequences of sin and repents he or she wants to take in everything–every part of serving God. He or she doesn’t want to miss any of it. Pastor Bennett recommends making a habit of praying earnestly, so that God will do His work to make your heart clean and repentant.

Pastor Pierre Bennett recalls the story of King David, who was punished by God with a three-day plague upon his people. After three days, David asked for mercy not for himself, but for the people, Pastor Pierre Bennett relates. Punish me, David said, but don’t punish my people. What have they done?

Because David was able to place his kingdom ahead of himself, he freed himself, Pastor Pierre Bennett describes. While he had fallen into disfavor with God, the people had done nothing wrong. It was through this selflessness that David finally was able to find the personal forgiveness he sought, Pastor Pierre Bennett adds.

As Pastor Pierre Bennett explains it, God loves us first, and then He teaches us how to love Him in return. The next step is to teach us to love each other. Pastor Pierre Bennett concludes that one of the reasons God teaches us to love one another so that we may together be able to build churches in the future.

  1. Pastor Pierre Bennett shared in this article that it is better to ask for forgiveness even if you don’t know if what you did was wrong. He shared that this provides a good, safe spiritual covering. I definitely agree with him 100%

    • @Florence – Thanks for sharing your story. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Loving God through a Holy Life” – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  2. I really admire the things Pastor Pierre Bennett has taught in this message. What a testimony he was to admit that he was a sinner and repented for his sins. He set a good example of what a Christian should be.

    • @Harry – Accepting God to our lives is the best way to forgive and forget. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Loving God through a Holy Life” Thank you so much! – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  3. Repentance is important – that is what Pastor Pierre Bennett was trying to get across in this message. God knows our heart and he knows when we realize that we’ve done something wrong. So, I’ve realized in my own life not to hide from Him.

    • @Bryan – Thanks for sending your feedback and giving Pastor Pierre Bennett a chance to show you how god is good. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Loving God through a Holy Life” – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  4. The most enlightening thing I learned after reading this post is that the best way to be happy is to accept and trust God 100%. Pastor Pierre Bennett may have been through troubled times in his life, as he said, but by accepting that he did something wrong and asking for forgiveness, he knew that God would always be on his side forever.

    • @Gregory – Thanks for leaving a feedback, I really appreciate it. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Loving God through a Holy Life” – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  5. Being a sinner does not mean you will never be forgiven… but the problem that people run into is not being forgiven because he or she doesn’t know how to ask for forgiveness. This are the things Pastor Pierre Bennett wanted to teach us. I think he did a great job in sharing this information.

    • @Jasmine – Forgiveness is not easy, but if you put God in your heart I think you will see the forgiveness the you wanted. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Loving God through a Holy Life” Thanks! – Pastor Pierre Bennett

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