The Kummetz Corp LLC Continues to Invest in South America

In Finance on March 30, 2012 at 8:59 am
Kummetz Corp LLC

Kummetz Corp LLC

Investment firm Kummetz Corp LLC offers financial opportunities to residents in Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil.

The Kummetz Corp LLC has many projects in South America with Brazil as its primary focus for its diverse community and wealth of untapped resources. Additionally, the Kummetz Corp LLC has a prolific presence in Colombia and Bolivia, where their initiatives have helped to jumpstart the economies of these countries.  In both countries, the Kummetz Corp LLC has invested in gold and platinum mining. With gold prices at an all-time high, the Kummetz Corp LLC realized that further exploration of this untapped natural resource was needed.

Specifically in Bolivia, years of economic hardship have left many previously prosperous mining companies without the equipment or workforce they need. This has further fueled poverty and homelessness, says the Kummetz Corp LLC. By inserting cash into mining projects, the Kummetz Corp LLC is able to stimulate this area’s economy and produce significant profits for its clients. In Colombia, the Kummetz Corp LLC is exploring over 9,000 acres of previously unexplored mining territory.

The Kummetz Corp LLC has spent a great deal of time and money in Brazil, where they have numerous housing and production projects at any given time. With ongoing construction projects building manufacturing plants, as well as affordable housing, the Kummetz Corp LLC has created countless jobs in the country. The Kummetz Corp LLC makes every effort to use only environmentally friendly building products. In fact, the Kummetz Corp LLC has recently begun the manufacture and export of cement that will be used across the globe in a variety of projects.

As well, the Kummetz Corp LLC has helped catapult Brazil to its position as a leading exporter of beef. By developing meat packaging and processing plants, the Kummetz Corp LLC can keep costs down by having a hand in the production process, every step of the way. Brazil exports over 1,000,000 tons of beef per annum; the Kummetz Corporation believes that the country is capable of considerably more output, and hopes to significantly increase the country’s production capabilities over the next few years.

The Kummetz Corp LLC also puts a strong value on the arts, and has made exhaustive efforts to bring Brazilian culture to the entire world. The firm does this through the Kummetz World Foundation – a charitable organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with limited resources capture the attention of the public to showcase their products. The Kummetz Corp LLC also funds scholarship and mental health and well-being programs for Brazilian citizens.

About Kummetz Corp LLC – Founded by Eloi Kummetz and registered in Brazil, as well as the United States, the Kummetz Corp LLC is a financial investment firm dedicated to responsible business practices

  1. Kummetz Corp LLC has given so much to the people of Brazil. Kummetz Corp LLC made every production of the countries products a success. Keep it up Kummetz Corp LLC. Thank you very much.

    • @Novem – Thank you for leaving a comment. Our company will always continue helping as far as we can. “The Kummetz Corp LLC Continues to Invest in South America” – Kummetz Corp LLC

  2. Kummetz Corp LLC is someone who knows how to sacrifice a part of them in order to help. It inspires me to hear so many good stories and comments about what Kummetz Corp LLC have done to help them. Kummetz Corp LLC is such a gift for so many people. Thank you very much.

    • @Grace – Our company also shared the blessing to the people who really needs help. “The Kummetz Corp LLC Continues to Invest in South America” Thank you! – Kummetz Corp LLC

  3. Production of cement, fuels and beef are just few of the products Kummetz Corp LLC are exporting which help the producing country to earn a large amount of profit for their country. Kummetz Corp LLC is partnered by local businesses in every country so that they could make their goal even easier. We are very Thankful to Kummetz Corp LLC.

    • @Mig – The company doing this not for business, but to have more easier to the people in their daily life. “The Kummetz Corp LLC Continues to Invest in South America” More powers! – Kummetz Corp LLC

  4. For sure there would have something good that will be given to Kummetz Corp LLC in return. Kummetz Corp LLC may not wish for something as an exchange to all the good things they did I knew someone is going to give it them for good. Kummetz Corp LLC I really appreciate all the success you have bestowed on us.

    • @Gian – We always want to help others and share the blessing that our company achieve. “The Kummetz Corp LLC Continues to Invest in South America” Thank you! – Kummetz Corp LLC

  5. Through the productions Kummetz Corp LLC is doing in many countries has help so many people in improving their lives and to provide for their family. Kummetz Corp LLC gives them housing, jobs and hope for a better life. Thank you very much Kummetz Corp LLC. Keep it up.

    • @Kim – We are happy that our company was helping others to makes their life better. “The Kummetz Corp LLC Continues to Invest in South America” – Kummetz Corp LLC

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