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In Health and Beauty on April 3, 2012 at 4:53 pm
DR Marketing Group

DR Marketing Group

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries. Joining the show was Avena to discussdog health.

DR Marketing Group: If you’re a dog lover, you’re no stranger to their constant scratching and biting at their dry, itchy skin. It’s common canine behavior. But when is an itch more than just an itch? Your pet’s silly antics and wild behavior could be a bark for help.

Avena:Wintery weather, fleas and allergies are just some of the culprits behind itchy, flakey skin.Excessive itchiness known as pruritus can be dangerous for a dog, and scratching can stimulate inflammatory reactions in the skin and make the problem worse.

DR Marketing Group: No matter what the cause is, one thing is for sure – the itchiness is not just unpleasant, it can be downright unbearable. We’re going to put a stop to the dryness and discomfort once and for all because you’re about to discover a remarkable anti-itch, skin soothing system called AvenaPro6.It’s the best selling skin therapy for dogs in Japan, and AvenaPro6 quenches skin with clinically proven ingredients.

Avena:It’s designed to work in 3 ways that not only soothe skin on the surface, but actually repairs it.With AvenaPro6 you calm the itch, seal moisture with a protective barrier and restore healthy shine to a dull, dingy coat. It’s fast with visible results after just one bath.No other product does what AvenaPro does, and it rivals the other professional tonics that I use in my pet spa. Dogs love it.

DR Marketing Group: Does your dog constantly lick, bite and rub its fur for relief from itchy skin?

The other oatmeal shampoos and medicated shampoos and things really never seemed to work. What would you do to stop the itch? We’ve tried different creams, medicated soaps and even different dog food – everything.

Avena:Don’t just stop the itch.  Now you can prevent it and save thousands of dollars on pet products and vet bills. We introduce theAvenaPro 6, the only all natural skin soothing system for dogs that is best in show.

DR Marketing Group: What does AvenaPro 6 do?

Avena:Avena Pro 6 lavishes your dog tooth to tail with a blend of 3 oat technologies that calm the itch and irritation while deeply conditioning dogs’ allergy prone skin, leaving behind a beautiful, healthy shiny coat. The secret is triple oat complex, an exclusive blend of 3 oat therapy’s including the best skin reliever of all Avenanthramides which clinical studies show can dramatically relieve itchy, irritated skin, scaling and skin dander by 94%.

We know that Avenanthramidesare very powerful anti-inflammatories that are non-steroidal in nature.

DR Marketing Group: All natural Avena Pro 6 in so clean and easy to use and all you need to keep your lovable pet itch-free and looking like the top dog every day.It seems that whether it’s a pedigree or mutt, dogs still share one thing in common; they scratch like crazy. What causes this?

Avena:Dogs can be itchy for every reason that you and I are, and then some, depending on where they itch, bite, scratch, chew will often times give us reasons why. Their skin is the largest organ on their body, but it has very limited number of ways it can react.

DR Marketing Group: How can their skin get irritated?

Avena:Dryness, redness, and itchiness are all problems.  And did you know that a dog’s skin is actually thinner and more fragile than ours? So we really need to take very good care of that skin.

DR Marketing Group: There are lots of products out there that you can buy at convenience stores, pet stores, doggy spas, yet our dogs are still scratching uncontrollably. Why do these products fail us?

Avena:The problem is many of them address the itch in only one way – they only clean, only moisturize, or only medicate. You need to do all three to get to the root of the cause.

DR Marketing Group: What do most products do instead?

Avena:Many of them provide temporary relief by washing away the allergens and irritants, but they do not provide sustained skin relief by addressing the skin irritation and potential inflammation.  Some contain harsh chemicals that aggravate skin conditions, and even steroids.Steroids are often used to minimize allergic reactions and reduce skin inflammation but can have side effects such as increased appetite, change in mood and they can even depress the immune system.

DR Marketing Group: To think that some of the soaps that itch treatments we trust may actually expose our pets to these potential dangers is very frightening.How does Avena Pro 6 work?

Avena:Avena Pro 6 unleashes 3 different oat active emollients to address the underlying causes of itching called triple oat complex. One to calm the itch, another to protect and moisturize the skin and follicles and then another to clean the hair coat.

DR Marketing Group: Active oats – what does that mean?

Avena:It means they have powerful therapeutic properties.  It’s very unique.  They have the ability to actually get into the skin and restore health.

DR Marketing Group: What about shedding and pet dander? If you have kids, you don’t want them breathing in this dead skin.

Avena:Dander makes up a huge percentage of the junk floating in the air of our homes.  Clinically studies have shown that the Avena Pro 6 system decreases scaling and dander by more than 90%. Avena Pro 6 does all of this and then some.

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  1. Pruritus problems on my pets is very common DR Marketing Group.Often times I spend so much time finding a right solution to stop them from licking and scratching their body but all ends to nothing. But now that I learned about Avenapro6 from DR Marketing Group I could see my pets free from the itchiness they once felt. I am very much thankful to DR Marketing Group.

    • @Adrian Foster – We are glad that not only does your pet not have to scratch anymore, but you are also saving time by not having to figure out a solution!

  2. Because of this pruritus of my pets I decided to get rid of them. I was afraid DR Marketing Group that this may be bad to the health of my kids. I was so sad about my kids reactions because I knew that they love our pet dog so much. I tried to find some cure to my pets problem and read something about Avenapro6 in DR Marketing Group article. Avenapro6 really works for my pet DR Marketing Group and I am very thankful for that.

    • @Jason Young – We are so thrilled that your family found a solution to keep your pets and kids in the same household, safely! We know how important pets are to a family!

  3. You really give us a nice idea and cure to our pets itching problems DR Marketing Group. I would really approved that the Avenapro6 is very effective DR Marketing Group. I really appreciate the effort you did on bringing the right information to the people DR Marketing Group.

    • @Jhandelor Gregory – We’re so happy that your pet’s itching problem has been solved. Happy pet — happy pet-owners!

  4. The Avenapro6 is really an amazing cure for my pets pruritus DR Marketing Group. It is very effective for my pets, I could see that they are more busy on something than scratching and licking their body. May this comment would serve as a good example of what DR Marketing Group for us. Thank you very much DR Marketing Group.

    • @Ferdinand Flasser – We are glad that the Avenapro6 worked for your pets. Another satisfied customer created from the information provided here at DR Marketing Group!

  5. My wife and I is so fond with dogs and used to their scratching due to pruritus DR Marketing Group. But when our first child was born we are afraid that this pruritus may cause an ailment to our child and decided to put our dogs out of the house. But now that DR Marketing Group had introduced the Avenapro6 as a great cure to our dogs itchiness we knew that we shouldn’t be afraid once our dog get close to our son. Now my son and our pets get along with each other so well DR Marketing Group.

    • @Josh Farrel – We are so glad that you were able to keep the dog and the children. We believe a happy home includes both happy children and happy pets!

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