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In Finance, Real Estate on July 18, 2012 at 1:25 pm
Texas Lending

Texas Lending

Texas Lending ( has spent more than a decade in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, building a reputation for providing quality, one-on-one service to homeowners. Each step of the process in securing a home loan through Texas Lending is made easier by the company’s focus on convenience. Texas Lending recently spoke with Presentation Solutions about a topic of concern to many consumers in today’s economy: home equity loans.

Presentation Solutions: Dallas-Fort Worth offers many solutions when it comes to home equity loans. What sets Texas Lending apart from all the others?

Texas Lending: We give each client a completely customized experience, from start to finish. Securing a home equity loan can be a complicated, overwhelming process and we’ve found that by breaking it down for our clients, we make it better for everyone involved. We’ve even taken some of the strain out of all the closing paperwork.

Presentation Solutions: Closing paperwork is definitely complicated. How does Texas Lending help with that?

Texas Lending: We’re one of the first mortgage lenders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to offer e-signature capabilities. No more signing your name a thousand times in a row.

Presentation Solutions: I’m sure that’s a relief for your clients! Is Texas Lending seeing an increase in home equity loans due to the economy?

Texas Lending: Yes. The number of clients coming in for home equity loans, as opposed to traditional mortgage loans, has seen a marked increase. We’ve found that many homeowners are opting for major home renovations in lieu of moving, since many homes have not increased in value in recent years.

Presentation Solutions: What types of home loans are available to homeowners who visit Texas Lending?

Texas Lending: For those who qualify, we offer fixed term loans, as well as variable term loans.

Presentation Solutions: What will a homeowner need to qualify for a home equity loan?

Texas Lending: Several factors are taken into consideration starting with a good credit history  and your loan-to-value ratio. There are also closing costs associated with most home equity loans.

Presentation Solutions: How will a homeowner know which type of home equity loan is best?

Texas Lending: Since each person’s situation is different, we sit down with each customer and review his or her individual needs. In some cases, a home equity loan may not be advisable at all.

Presentation Solutions: What about balloon payments?

Texas Lending: With a balloon payment, the homeowner pays only the interest for the term of the loan, but at the end of the loan, the full amount comes due. Often the homeowner refinances at that point. We make sure our clients know the full terms of a balloon loan before making that choice.

For more information, visit Texas Lending online at
4100 Alpha Rd. Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75244
NMLS# 137773

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