In Finance on August 29, 2012 at 6:00 am has won awards and recognition for its stellar customer service, and now the company is taking it even further with the Customer Edge program. Since the initial announcement, has been fielding questions from customers about the new program. Here are a few of the most common inquiries receives about this exciting new opportunity.

Q: How do I qualify for the home rebate?

A: The first step is to register for the Customer Edge program at The customer will then be connected with a representative, who can help him or her find a qualified real estate agent.

Q: What is the rebate amount?

A: If a Customer Edge member buys or sells a home through one of the program’s brokers, that member will receive a 20 percent rebate on the commission earned by that broker. On a $100,000 house that’s $600. A $500,000 home would merit a $3,000 rebate.

Q: What if my home sells for less than $100,000?

A: A home must sell for at least $90,000 to qualify for the Customer Edge rebate. The closing must also be with

Q: I understand Customer Edge members also get a discount on moving vans?

A: Thanks to our Customer Edge program, is now able to offer volume discounts on moving vans and movers through United Van Lines. Customer Edge members also receive discounts on SAM moving storage containers.

Q: What other discounts do Customer Edge members get?

A: Customer Edge offers discounts to clients on home and auto insurance through our partnership with Liberty Mutual.

Q: There are also some future benefits coming up, right?

A: That’s correct. will offer Customer Edge members a unique service where all utilities can be connected through just one point of contact when a customer moves. This benefit isn’t available yet, but it’s coming soon.

Q: Is there a fee to join Customer Edge?

A: Not at all. Just visit the website at and sign up. Once a customer has registered, a representative will be in contact shortly. can also help customers register at our Dallas-Fort Worth office.

Q: Once I’ve closed on my home, how will I get my rebate?

A: Contact your Customer Edge representative to report that your closing is complete. Within thirty days, you’ll receive a check in the mail.

For more information, visit online at
4100 Alpha Rd,
Dallas, TX 75244
NMLS# 137773

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