Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Consultant, Outlines Four Key Phases of Retirement

In Finance on January 7, 2013 at 11:38 am
Dennis Dachtler Sacramento

Dennis Dachtler Sacramento

In today’s one on one chat with the staff of Presentation Solutions, Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento based financial consultant, speaks of planning early and alleviating boredom after leaving your Nine to Five.

Presentation Solutions: Thanks for joining us today. Retirement is a hot issue. What do you say to young folks just starting their career that haven’t gone grey enough to think about planning ahead just yet?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: I tell them to start now. And I always means now as in right now.

Presentation Solutions: So, the sooner you begin to build a nest egg, the better? Why not wait until you have extra money to save?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: If you wait until you think you have the extra money, you never will. Start now! By putting away even a small percentage, you will help cushion your golden years.

Presentation Solutions: We understand that you say there are four main stages to retirement. What are they?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: Pre-retirement, early retirement, full retirement, and final retirement.

Presentation Solutions: Can you go into detail a bit about each stage?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: Pre-retirement is essentially the planning stages. This is when you decide what you want to do and how much you will need to do it.

Presentation Solutions: Leading to early retirement…

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: This initial active retirement stage is when people are the most active. This is the part of retirement that should be the most enjoyable…it can also be the most expensive depending on how long you are able to get up and go. Many new retirees get bored. I recommend a part time job during this stage to not only supplement savings but to also help ward off boredom.

Presentation Solutions: So, early retirement is different from full retirement?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: In my book, yes it is. Full retirement is the relaxing stage. You are still able to take care of yourself but do so at a slower pace. This is the time to get out and meet other people of a certain age to enjoy the local scene…a social group, a book club, that sort of thing.

Presentation Solutions: Which brings us to final retirement.

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: This is commonly the part when health and mobility become an issue. Most adults at this time begin to really think about either moving in with family or entering an assisted are facility.

Presentation Solutions: So, how hard is it to plan for retirement?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: It can be tough for many Americans. Stocks, bonds, insurance…it can be confusing. I definitely recommend using the services of an experienced retirement planner like Dachtler Wealth Management to help organize and manage your assets.

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