Marketers LLC Helps Businesses Understand Social Media Needs

In Marketing on January 7, 2013 at 9:41 am

Marketers LLC regularly answers the question: How important is social media to my business? Not everyone is comfortable with communicating this way, Marketers LLC reminds us. But with most businesses actively engaging in social media, Marketers LLC sees it as a must-have for every company interested in competing.

At one time, Marketers LLC observed that a company website was enough for a company to succeed. Today, however, Marketers LLC finds that a business must have a website in addition to participating in social media sites. These social media sites include Facebook and Twitter, Marketers LLC describes, as well as less talked about sites like Google+, YouTube, and even Pinterest and Instagram. To properly engage customers, Marketers LLC believes a business must first identify customers on their own home turf.

According to Marketers LLC, the definition of social media has expanded in recent years. Today, Marketers LLC believes “social media” can refer to posting status updates, sharing videos and photos, commenting on blog posts and status updates from others, and posting articles and blogs. Social media, Marketers LLC explains, is simply interacting socially using the Internet.

With any new website Marketers LLC helps clients develop, they strongly advise incorporating socialization into design. This can include providing a client’s Twitter feed into the site’s main page, Marketers LLC describes, or sharing informative videos. Most often, Marketers LLC finds that it includes a blog or articles that are regularly updated, providing fresh content to keep visitors coming back.

When determining how to socialize a client’s site, Marketers LLC always considers the client’s core customers. Each social media site has its own demographic, Marketers LLC explains, and social media marketing campaigns work best when targeted accordingly. Facebook tends to be a general site that everyone uses, Marketers LLC adds, making the site a catchall for all campaigns. Journalists, writers, and celebrity-followers tend to gravitate toward Twitter, where Marketers LLC reports the environment is more open for peeking into the lives of others.

To socialize a website, Marketers LLC strongly advises businesses include “Follow Us” and “Like Us” links near the top of a web page. This spreads the word about a business to others and adds followers for future marketing efforts.

Sharing and retweeting are options that can be added after each action a customer takes, according to Marketers LLC. As Marketers LLC further describes, when a customer reviews a business or writes a comment on a business’s blog post, those businesses can invite customers to share that post with others. This is a great way to socialize your business without directly asking customers to join, concludes Marketers LLC.

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