Marketing Associates Sheds Some Light on Business Plans

In Marketing on January 22, 2013 at 5:34 pm

Marketing Associates concentrates on creating and providing business plans for emerging businesses in many different industries. According to the people at Marketing Associates, most businesses don’t require expert industry knowledge to be successful. In fact, Marketing Associates says that business leaders who are motivated and hard working can still be successful even if they are inexperienced—but the key is a strong business plan. Marketing Associates acknowledges that many people struggle with creating a solid business plan—and that’s where the company’s expertise comes into play.

Q: From what you’ve seen at Marketing Associates, what can you tell us about the importance of business plans for new startups?

Marketing Associates – Without a business plan, a business has no chance of succeeding. In fact, business plans are crucial for new businesses, because they can lead to additional funds, loans, and even partnerships in the industry that can payoff dividends in the coming years.

Q: In your experience at Marketing Associates, which people involved in a business need a business plan the most?

Marketing Associates – Generally speaking, it’s the people who are at the top level of the business—the ones making the decisions. At Marketing Associates, we know that their input and their vision for the company is vital, as it can make or break the company.

Q: What questions should business owners ask themselves when creating a business plan?

Marketing Associates – Marketing Associates has found that the most successful companies are the ones with owners and operators who knew what they wanted from the start. That’s why it’s important to ask questions like what are your company’s goals, how will you achieve them, and what your plan is five or 10 years down the road.

Q: What are other crucial aspects of a business plan?

Marketing Associates – All good business plans should contain an executive summary, which is essentially a brief overview that shows the company’s plan, its purpose, and how it plans to get from point A to point B.

Q: Should the business plan contain information about the day-to-day operations of the company?

Marketing Associates – Absolutely. At Marketing Associates, we’ve found that while many of those details may not get ironed out until the company has been up and running for quite some time, it’s important to establish things like company culture and a management style long before a need for those ever arises.

Q: How much should I disclose in my business plan for potential investors and partners?

Marketing Associates – The more you can share about your business, the better. Transparency is the name of the game when it comes to business plans.

Q: How does the marketing strategy play into this?

Marketing Associates – For any business to have a chance at success, it needs to market itself, its brand, and its products and services. That’s why a marketing plan is a vital component of any business plan. And at Marketing Associates, we’ve also found it shows investors that you are dedicated to building your company.

Marketing Associates is a leader in business plan development, creation, implementation, and revision. With many years of helping struggling and thriving businesses alike, Marketing Associates is well-known for its business plans that build a strong path toward success.

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