JustFab Expands Reach to Brings Hot Fashion to Germany, the UK and Canada

In Marketing on March 14, 2013 at 11:09 am


Online retailer JustFab launched in the U.S. in 2010 and has gone nowhere but up since then.  JustFab offers shoppers an online shopping experience like no other, filled with fashion-forward shoes, handbags, jeans, and accessories–all at great prices.  JustFab knows that women everywhere want to look beautiful and feel confident, so expansion beyond the U.S. has been inevitable.  In the following interview, JustFab explains how this fashion site rocks the needs of fashionistas, now, across the globe.

Presentation Solutions:  Please tell our readers a little bit about what makes JustFab so popular.

JustFab:  JustFab offers shoppers a unique online shopping experience.  Unlike traditional e-tailers, JustFab focuses on personalization and engagement to make shopping online more fun.

Presentation Solutions:  How does JustFab stay on top of today’s fashion trends – they change so fast!

JustFab:  That’s the fun part, right?  JustFab proudly has some of the leading fashion gurus working for shoppers. The celebrities and stylists working with JustFab eat, sleep and breathe fashion, so they are doing the work for shoppers.  JustFab was really fortunate to have Kimora Lee Simmons join our team in 2011 and she has been instrumental for keeping the company at the forefront of fashion.  Also, celebrity stylist Jessica Paster has been with JustFab since the beginning, making regular shoppers look as good as the celebrities she has worked with, like Miranda Kerr.

Presentation Solutions:  How does JustFab personalize the shopping experience when it is happening online?

JustFab:  Great question!  When a shopper registers to become a VIP, they first complete a survey of their personal style.  With that knowledge, JustFab is able to select shoes, handbags, and accessories just like a professional stylist would.

Presentation Solutions:  Does JustFab do anything different for your new shoppers in Germany, the UK or Canada?

JustFab:  Women want to look beautiful, sexy and confident around the world, so members across the globe have the same great products and service across the globe.

Presentation Solutions:  What about JustFab would be most appealing to women in Germany, the UK and Canada?

JustFab:  For the same women over 10 million women have grown to love JustFab in the US, women across the world will love everything JustFab has to offer.  The customized shopping experience, on-trend styles and celebrity inspiration and partnerships make the brand universally appealing.

Presentation Solutions:  That’s great! Who are some of the celebrities JustFab works with?

JustFab:  Rockstar Avril Lavigne did a special collection for JustFab with her Abbey Dawn line.  Her vibe was edgy with a little punk feel.  JustFab has also been worn by some of the Hollywood elite including Emily Blunt, Nicky Hilton, Christina Applegate, Miranda Kerr and Hilary Duff.

Presentation Solutions:  These ladies are amazing!  Anyone else shoppers would recognize?

JustFab:  Any fashion-conscious young woman who loves YouTube has probably watched videos of Elle and Blair Fowler.  These sisters have been serving up fashion and beauty advice on YouTube for years and have over 40 million views for many of their tutorials.  These ladies know fashion.  In the collection they designed, each sister’s unique style shines through.  Shoppers will find Bianca, a simple, yet sparkly flat, and the spiked platform boot, Dixie.

About JustFab

JustFab is an online fashion retailer that provides personalized shopping experiences to nearly 10 million shoppers. There are no membership fees or commitment to purchase.  For members who don’t want to make a monthly purchase, they can simply use the “skip the month” feature. Go to to learn more.

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