Conversation with Casa Sandoval: Exercise and Senior Adults

In Professionals on March 26, 2013 at 5:36 am

Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval

The human body was meant for action and motion. That’s something that applies across all age groups, as the staff at Casa Sandoval knows. The Casa Sandoval community serves the needs of both active retirees and senior adults requiring assisted living. Located in Hayward, California, Casa Sandoval puts an emphasis on active and independent lifestyles for its residents. The Casa Sandoval community features more than 200 apartment units in studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom configurations.

Exercise can help boost energy levels, help mental acuity, boost metabolism and relieve stress. Today, Information Nation visited with the professionals at Casa Sandoval to discuss the benefits of exercise for seniors. The conversation may surprise you.

Q: My 70-year-old father tells me that he’s recently felt compromised as far as mobility and flexibility. How much of a challenge can that be if he wants to start an exercise program?

Casa Sandoval: Even senior adults who have mobility problems can get exercise in ten-minute segments.

Q: Does taking up an exercise program mean a risk of injury for seniors?

Casa Sandoval: That’s a common misconception. It’s the lack of exercise that’s at the root of many age-related problems.

Q: It’s pretty well known that exercise helps mental acuity; how does it combat dementia?

Casa Sandoval: The increased blood flow from exercise means a better oxygen supply to the whole body, including the brain. Exercise can help everyone, including people with dementia.

Q: Are there health benefits from exercise for diabetics?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, absolutely. Exercise is part of the strategy for controlling diabetes, and can help slow or stop the progression of that and many other diseases. We see it often with the residents at Casa Sandoval.

Q: Isn’t there an age cutoff for exercise?

Casa Sandoval: No, that’s also a misconception. Casa Sandoval residents include seniors of all ages and physical condition who participate in exercise programs…even wheelchair-bound residents.

Q: What are the effects of aging on the body? How can exercise help?

Casa Sandoval: Muscle mass, flexibility and endurance all dwindle past age 50. All of those trends can be slowed with regular exercise, though.

Q: It’s just wear and tear, isn’t it?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, if you think of the human body like a machine, the years definitely take their toll in terms of wear and tear. It reaches a point where common chores like driving, shopping, or even getting dressed can be a real trial for senior citizens.

Q: What are the elements of exercise that you believe are the most important for seniors?

Casa Sandoval: Strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance training…

Q: Balance is especially important, isn’t it?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, it sure is. Problems with balance result in falls, a leading cause of injuries for seniors.

Q: What kind of exercise activities do you suggest?

Casa Sandoval: Really, it can be about anything…dancing, arts and crafts, gardening, walking, or a more rigorous workout with resistance or weights. Yoga is a big favorite and has been shown to have measurable results.

Q: What kinds of results have you seen?

Casa Sandoval: At Casa Sandoval, we’ve seen drops in blood pressure, improvements in mood, improvements in energy, and much more as a result of regular exercise.

Q: Do you have staff on hand to help with exercise?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, Casa Sandoval residents can meet with exercise coaches who are trained to make accommodations for mobility and other senior-related issues.

For more information about Casa Sandoval, visit online at or call 510-727-1700.

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