Study Reveals Employees in Huntsville, Alabama Are the Happiest in the U.S.

In General on October 2, 2014 at 8:32 am

AlabamaHuntsville is perhaps best known for being the home of engineers, military personnel and expensive rockets. A new study shows that the Alabama city is also known for an abundance of satisfied workers.

The Quantum Workplace survey ranks Huntsville first in terms of employee recognition. The organization examined surveys from nearly 400,000 employees at 5,000 organizations throughout the United States in order to determine which locations had the happiest employees.

The forms of recognition include praise from senior leadership, time off for vacations, access to training and learning opportunities, and pay increases.

In Huntsville, 73 percent of employees said they felt comfortable with the level of recognition given by their superiors. Nashville (69 percent) assumed runner-up position, with Austin, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; and Washington, D.C. finishing in a three-way for third with 68 percent.

The top ten rankings were Atlanta, Georgia (67 percent); Charlotte, North Carolina (67 percent); Orlando, Florida (67 percent); Raleigh, North Carolina (67 percent); and Tampa, Florida (67 percent).

Employees said that pay raises are the best possible way to recognize excellent work, followed by promotions, bonuses, time flexibility and training opportunities. On the other hand, managers should bypass company-branded merchandise such as medals and plaques. Only 5 percent of employees said that these items were important to them.

Quantum Workplace collaborates with organizations across the United States to increase financial success and client loyalty by making work more enjoyable and effective. Quantum Workplace offers strategic advice and survey tools to improve organizational culture and employee engagement.

The Best Places to Work survey is completed in partnership with various corporate sponsors, chambers of commerce, associations and other organizations. As the survey’s leading force, Quantum Workplace offers the analytical know-how to power 5,000 surveys each year and deliver results to participating businesses.

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