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Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team Explains Radio Advertising

In Media on November 5, 2012 at 3:06 pm
Direct Media Power Complaints

Direct Media Power Complaints

Direct Media Power is known for great customer service. They’ve assembled a group of proactive reps, the Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team, who have taken a few moments to speak with Presentation Solutions and answer some of our questions. Here, the group offers some advice to first-time radio advertising clients and explains what radio can, and cannot, do.

Presentation Solutions: Good afternoon and thank you for speaking with us today. Obviously, we know more about the Internet than radio, so hearing how the other side operates will be a welcome treat.

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: We appreciate you having us here.

Presentation Solutions: How is radio advertising different than Internet?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: Radio ads are less likely to be skipped over or ignored than quiet, unobtrusive banner ads. And, Internet pop ups are annoying and rarely get clicked on, other than to exit them.

Presentation Solutions: So, most people just listen through radio commercials?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: Usually, yes.

Presentation Solutions: We know Direct Media Power offers pay-per call services. Can you explain?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: First, you have to understand that this service is not going to work for everyone. We assume a great deal of liability in advertising costs on our pay per call program. Basically, we run a cash test to determine salability of the product or service.

Presentation Solutions: And if there is a favorable response?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: At that point, we assume future ad costs. We pay for creative services, talent, and production of high-quality audio files.

Presentation Solutions: And those are played on the radio?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: Yes, these spots – which we also pay for – are run in markets where the client’s product/service is most in demand.

Presentation Solutions: So, how does Direct Media Power benefit from this relationship?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: It’s mutually beneficial. The client gets to pay for only the number of warm calls they want and we are paid per the call received.

Presentation Solutions: How can you afford to do this?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: We buy a lot of airspace. We buy last minute and bulk inventory and have negotiated exceptional prices.

Presentation Solutions: What about for those clients who want to pay for the ads or the ones who don’t qualify for calls only?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: Since we have low CPMs, we can pass those savings along to all of our clients.

Presentation Solutions: For pay per call clients, how are the calls tracked? Is it an honor system?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: No, we provide a third party call-tracking agency that offers a report. These reports track the number of incoming calls and how long the calls last once transferred to the client.

Presentation Solutions: Is this a 24/7 call center?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: We can have operators available at any time but route calls to the client during their specified business hours.

Presentation Solutions: How do you meet with prospective clients?

Direct Media Power Complaints Response Team: We can work over the phone, via email, or we can visit the client in person if necessary.

The Direct Media Complaints Response Team offers this material for education purposes only. For more information about Direct Media Power visit

Direct Media Power, Inc. | Why Radio Offers the Best Value in Advertising

In Sports on October 3, 2012 at 6:06 am
Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

The benefits of radio don’t just stop at the commercial, says Direct Media Power. Today, the pay per call advertising expert speaks with Presentation Solutions about all broadcast radio can do for your advertising budget.

Presentation Solutions: Good morning. Let’s talk about what radio advertising offers over other media outlets, such as TV and print.

Direct Media Power: Radio has numerous benefits and is simply the most affordable large-scale advertising method available.

Presentation Solutions: Drive time is the Prime Time of radio. How can focusing a message on commuters translate into revenue for your clients?

Direct Media Power: First, we like to think of our clients as partners, since we assume a large financial risk for most industries that work with us. But to answer the question, when commuters are headed to or from work, they have ample time to reflect on their personal lives such as piling debt or legal issues.

Presentation Solutions: So, a radio commercial may spike their interest based on what they are thinking about at the time?

Direct Media Power: Yes. Radio is an intrusive form of advertising. This means that, unlike a magazine where the target can simply ignore the ad, radio cuts into their train of thought intentionally. If your message is one that grabs them, they are very unlikely to change the station.

Presentation Solutions: Radio also offers the added benefit of being played for everyone within earshot, too…

Direct Media Power: Exactly, plus since radio is so affordable using our bulk buy methods, offering your commercial repetitively can help hammer your message into your customer’s minds.

Presentation Solutions: Repetition is what creates memories…

Direct Media Power: And, since radio is a media that forces listeners to use their imagination, the messages delivered can take on a personal meaning to each listener. This is very powerful because it becomes a familiar thought and the advertising business remains in the customer’s mind for longer than a visual commercial.

Presentation Solutions: Does combining radio with TV or print ads increase its success?

Direct Media Power: Not necessarily. People listen to radio to keep from reading after a long day in front of a computer, they listen when they are driving or cleaning and cannot read.

Presentation Solutions: So you are saying that standalone radio advertising is effective in itself?

Direct Media Power: Absolutely.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give our readers an example of the types of businesses that Direct Media Power can help launch a profitable radio campaign?

Direct Media Power: We have worked with all different industries that require a “lead” to make a sale.  Tax settlement is our largest vertical and we are the largest supplier of live radio calls to this industry.  Law offices also work well with our program since we work with attorneys to deliver their messages quite often. Any business that earns clientele directly, without a retail counter or other middleman, can use radio to their advantage.

Presentation Solutions: So essentially any lead-based direct-to-consumer product or service?

Direct Media Power: Yes, that about sums it up!

Presentation Solutions: We are out of time for today but hope that you will speak with us more in this subject later.

Direct Media Power: It would be our pleasure.

Direct Media Power, Inc. offers radio-only service and has proven this media successful time and time again. With cooperating network partners throughout the US, Direct Media Power offers a virtually limitless listenership that can be targeting by network or region. No other agency of its kind offers these services for the same affordable fixed-rate per call pricing.

For more information or to contact Direct Media Power directly, visit them on the web at or pick up the phone and get answers from a live account manager at 888.302.5557