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Paul G. Hauf And Associates Offers Business Brokerage Services

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Paul G. Hauf And Associates has a three decades long history of business, consulting experience. They function as mediators in both the purchase as well as the sale of businesses. Individuals who are interested in purchasing or liquidating a business should use the capable, brokerage services of Paul G. Hauf And Associates to expedite this process. Paul G. Hauf And Associates assists buyers and sellers with careful business evaluation, in-depth sales negotiation, and final purchase financing.

One core benefit of using a business brokerage firm, like Paul G. Hauf And Associates, is that they give buyers and sellers access to a much larger “marketplace” than they could possibly find on their own. Paul G. Hauf And Associates maintains an extensive database of hundreds of business listings along with an inventory of thousands of potential buyers to create the “best match” between business buyers and sellers.

Most sellers have invested a great deal of time into growing their businesses. Despite this fact, Paul G. Hauf And Associates finds that the majority of business sellers have no idea as to what their businesses are actually worth.  Often these business owners, notes Paul G. Hauf And Associates, tend to under or over value their enterprises when it comes time to sell. Paul G. Hauf And Associates works closely with sellers to establish the best value for their businesses and to also find the right buyers to complete the sale.

Wise business buyers do not take on an enterprise alone. They locate a reputable mediator, like Paul G. Hauf And Associates, to provide them with experienced advice. Business buyers, particularly in the areas of auto repair businesses, beer & wine stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, fast food businesses, gas stations, liquor stores and restaurants have been looking to Paul G. Hauf ‘s expert guidance for many years. This is because Paul G. Hauf And Associates offers excellent and experienced service to both buyers and sellers alike. With a long and proven track record of success, Paul G. Hauf And Associates provides the valuable cushion between business buyers and business sellers in today’s, dynamic marketplace.

Paul G. Hauf Serves Small Business Clients

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In 1980, Paul G. Hauf established a consulting business to provide advice on both business loans as well as commercial property mortgages. Over the past 30 years, he has honed his skills and mastered many intricacies of the marketplace. When area proprietors want to sell a business, they’ve learned to turn to Paul G. Hauf. When investors and small-scale entrepreneurs are looking for a business to buy, Paul G. Hauf is the first person they call.

In truth, Paul G. Hauf has not always been the go-to broker for business owners and buyers. It has taken Paul G. Hauf decades of experience, years of trial and error, to become the local authority on small business brokerage and financing. One of the secrets to Paul G. Hauf’s success is clarity and openness. He develops business relationships with people beyond his sphere of influence, even with other brokers that some would consider competitors.

Paul G. Hauf believes that the business world only stands to gain by building better, business relationships. Because of this, Paul G. Hauf does not merely cultivate relationships between buyers and sellers, but also he acts as a nexus of business brokerage and financing communications. Paul G. Hauf has drawn together a large network of not only buyers and sellers, but also an entire universe of lenders and other independent brokers. By creating a cooperative business environment, Paul G. Hauf enjoys working with rather than competing against other business advisers.

If Paul G. Hauf cannot connect a client to the services they need, then he will find someone who can. In the end, the people Paul G. Hauf helps eventually turn around and help him. Sometimes it is through repeat business. Sometimes it is through referrals. Other times it is through kind word of mouth from satisfied clients. Paul G. Hauf considers these intangible returns just as important to his firm’s continued success as his bottom line. This commitment to cooperative business brokerage is what has made Paul G. Hauf a trusted leader in his field.