Tips from Marc Fantich | How to Select a Creative Agency

In Media on August 19, 2010 at 6:22 am

Selecting the correct ad agency is a simple task when you know where to begin, says Marc Fantich. To begin the process, think about the ads you are hearing and impressed with, recommends Marc Fantich. Creativity is key when it comes to gaining customers. Marc Fantich explains that an advertisement is not only for the product, but also the agency that created it. It’s a good idea to go to an agency that you know does good work, says Marc Fantich.

After finding an ad you like, call the station you heard them on, continues Marc Fantich. Feel free to ask for the account representative who handles that account. Marc Fantich’s experience in the advertising industry has demonstrated that this kind of overture is generally appreciated. The station will cheerfully offer the information on that account, points out Marc Fantich, simply because they stand to acquire more revenue and business by lending a helping hand. As a potential customer of that agency, you are their business.

Good agencies make good commercials, points out Marc Fantich. So don’t give your business to an agency that doesn’t impress you. All people act as consumers at some point in their lives, reminds Marc Fantich. Trust your gut instinct in terms of the agency. Chances are, says Marc Fantich, your intuition will lead you to the right place. Marc Fantich recommends going to an agency with the kind of creativity that fits your growing business.

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