Fantich Media Group | Including Print Advertising in an Effective Marketing Campaign

In Media on August 19, 2010 at 6:42 am

Fantich Media Group has been helping clients integrate various media into comprehensive marketing strategies for twenty years. The professional marketers at Fantich Media Group are well versed in all formats of advertising. Fantich Media Group notes that advertising has come a long way since the days of newspaper ads and radio commercials. Fantich Media Group explains that television added a multimedia dimension to marketing that was unprecedented. By the same token, says Fantich Media Group, Internet communications have made advertising more customizable and pervasive than ever before.

However, Fantich Media Group says there is more to effective marketing than impressive technologies. Despite the remarkable technological advances in marketing communications, says Fantich Media Group, traditional advertising methods are still very effective. Fantich Media Group says new technologies do not displace previous technologies. In the face of modern marketing channels like television and the Internet, Fantich Media Group explains that print media remains an effective supplemental form of advertising. Even though newspapers are losing readers every year, adds Fantich Media Group, there are still print media that provide an excellent advertising arena. Fantich Media Group agrees that traditional newspaper audiences are too general and newspaper advertising is relatively expensive. Fantich Media Group says there are better print advertising channels than traditional city papers. According to Fantich Media Group, there are almost unlimited community based free publications that target very specific and promising demographics. Local free publications, says Fantich Media Group, address very specific interests and age groups, making it easier and cheaper to focus marketing efforts like a laser.

Every city produces local free publications that cover areas of interest including nightlife, health and fitness, real estate and self-help. By judiciously selecting the appropriate free publications, Fantich Media Group is able to make sure advertisers reach audiences that are genuinely interested in their products and services. With free local publications and the help of the professionals at Fantich Media Group, a small business like an organic food store or boutique jewelry retailer can advertise much more effectively to a target demographic. Fantich Media Group reminds such clients that traditional city newspapers do not target any particular kind of shopper. Whereas local free publications, adds Fantich Media Group, specialize in target demographics, greatly improving the effectiveness of print advertising.

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