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Atlantic Yards Developer James P. Stuckey Answers Questions about the Community Benefits Agreement

In Real Estate on April 16, 2012 at 2:01 pm
James P. Stuckey

James P. Stuckey

According to James P. Stuckey, the Atlantic Yards project is more than a real estate development; it is a promise to the community. Presentation Solutions gets the details.

Presentation Solutions: Thank you for joining us.

James P. Stuckey: I appreciate the opportunity to speak about this great project.

Presentation Solutions: We understand that the Atlantic Yards project comes with the very first Community Benefits Agreement in New York City…

James P. Stuckey: That’s correct. It is an agreement between the builder and eight separate Brooklyn communities.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give us some specifics of the agreement?

James P. Stuckey: The CBA focus on community amenities, small business, housing, jobs, and environmental assurance.

Presentation Solutions: Tell us about the employment benefits for residents.

James P. Stuckey: Nearly half (45% total) of all jobs created will be sectioned off for minority and women workers. As well, a new training program has been established to assist individuals in developing real-world skills that can be used long after this project is completed.

Presentation Solutions: We understand that the project has a commitment to affordable housing?

James P. Stuckey: Of the 4,500 rental properties that will be available, half of those will be offered to lower income families. 225 of these will be set aside for senior citizens.

Presentation Solutions: And there is a clause in the agreement that helps small businesses in the area…

James P. Stuckey: Absolutely. During each phase of the construction process, and after completion, anywhere between 3%and 20% of all contract dollars will be spent with minority and women-owned businesses.

Presentation Solutions: There’s been a lot of talk about the community amenities that will be available once this project is complete; can you fill us in on that?

James P. Stuckey: For one, there will be a healthcare center.

Presentation Solutions: What about the childcare facility?

James P. Stuckey: What is special about the childcare facility is that it combines care for youth as well as senior citizens. While the two groups will not be together, the building is connected and each group will have access to the atrium.

Presentation Solutions: The Barclay Center, the future home of the Nets basketball team, is the highlight of the development. Will it be available for public events?

James P. Stuckey: The plan is to open up the arena to community groups for 10 or more events per year.

Presentation Solutions: That’s got to be expensive…

James P. Stuckey: On the contrary, the rates will be more than reasonable.

Presentation Solutions: Aside from basketball, what other events will the center host?

James P. Stuckey: It is a large venue that will seat between 18 and 19,000 guests. This opens up the opportunity to host tennis, boxing, and concerts along with other community events such as the circus. It’s important to note that part of the CBA allows for a set number of game tickets for sale to the community – extra care has been taken to include the city’s youth.

Presentation Solutions: The CBA sounds like it will enhance the area quite nicely. Was offering this contract a condition prior to development?

James P. Stuckey: No, it was not. It’s all voluntary. That being said, it is a legally binding contract, which just proves that the Atlantic Yards project really was initiated for the betterment of the community.

Presentation Solutions: That’s fantastic. We know that you personally have been committed to green development for many years. Can you tell about the environmental friendliness of the project?

James P. Stuckey: All equipment with over 50 hp will be equipped with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel. As well, the goal is to ensure that a substantial amount of building materials are recycled. All 16 buildings, plus the arena, will be LEED certified. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Presentation Solutions: We have also heard that the project is working closely with city officials to address any problems as they arise.

James P. Stuckey: As with any large-scale construction project, issues can occur. Areas that will be under constant monitoring are air quality, traffic, noise, and pollution.

Presentation Solutions: Mr. Stuckey, we appreciate your time today. We thank you for speaking with us.

James P. Stuckey: Thank you very much for having me.

Presentation Solutions: Do you have any final words to add?

James P. Stuckey: Just that, from its initial inception, this project was always intended to enhance the community and I certainly hope that it will do so for many generations to come.

James P. Stuckey is a man with decades of experience in his passion: real estate development. He has worked at the NYC Public Development Corporation, Gronich & Co., and Forest City Ratner Companies, to name a few. Currently, James P. Stuckey is the CEO of his own green development firm, Verdant Properties. LLC®. 


Theodore Stroukoff Discusses the Challenges of Coaching

In Health and Beauty, Sports on April 11, 2012 at 11:40 am
Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff has encountered many challenging situations in his work as a travel nurse. But his 27 years as a figure skating coach have prepared Theodore Stroukoff for a variety of situations, as well as boosting his people skills.

When asked what skills he gained from his years of coaching, Theodore Stroukoff points to several. The first is creativity. In helping students prepare for competition, Theodore Stroukoff says that he was forced to tap into his more artistic side. This creativity now helps Theodore Stroukoff in his work as a travel nurse, when he has to think outside the box as it relates to taking care of his patients.

Theodore Stroukoff also notes that he learned persistence during his time as a figure skating coach. Watching numerous young skaters show up day after day, continuing to practice even when competition was fierce, Theodore Stroukoff says that he discovered an important lesson about the benefits of hard work. The students also inspired Theodore Stroukoff with their focus and commitment, he says. It is a philosophy Theodore Stroukoff carries with him into his nursing work today.

One of the most valuable benefits Theodore Stroukoff gained from coaching, he says, was learning innovative ways to explain technique to students. Theodore Stroukoff finds himself regularly using the skills he learned as a teacher in his nursing duties. Whether it’s helping a patient learn to use crutches or teaching a first-time mother to care for her newborn baby, Theodore Stroukoff has fine-tuned a talent for patiently explaining techniques to others.

Patience was another trait Theodore Stroukoff says that he honed as a figure skating coach. According to Theodore Stroukoff, the patience he learned as a teacher has translated well to his work as a travel nurse.

While Theodore Stroukoff thinks back fondly on his coaching days, his work as a travel nurse has led him to challenges he never imagined. Theodore Stroukoff says he has been able to work in a variety of facilities and situations and doing so has allowed him to stretch his abilities as a nurse, taking him to the next level professionally.

DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Avena

In Health and Beauty on April 3, 2012 at 4:53 pm
DR Marketing Group

DR Marketing Group

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries. Joining the show was Avena to discussdog health.

DR Marketing Group: If you’re a dog lover, you’re no stranger to their constant scratching and biting at their dry, itchy skin. It’s common canine behavior. But when is an itch more than just an itch? Your pet’s silly antics and wild behavior could be a bark for help.

Avena:Wintery weather, fleas and allergies are just some of the culprits behind itchy, flakey skin.Excessive itchiness known as pruritus can be dangerous for a dog, and scratching can stimulate inflammatory reactions in the skin and make the problem worse.

DR Marketing Group: No matter what the cause is, one thing is for sure – the itchiness is not just unpleasant, it can be downright unbearable. We’re going to put a stop to the dryness and discomfort once and for all because you’re about to discover a remarkable anti-itch, skin soothing system called AvenaPro6.It’s the best selling skin therapy for dogs in Japan, and AvenaPro6 quenches skin with clinically proven ingredients.

Avena:It’s designed to work in 3 ways that not only soothe skin on the surface, but actually repairs it.With AvenaPro6 you calm the itch, seal moisture with a protective barrier and restore healthy shine to a dull, dingy coat. It’s fast with visible results after just one bath.No other product does what AvenaPro does, and it rivals the other professional tonics that I use in my pet spa. Dogs love it.

DR Marketing Group: Does your dog constantly lick, bite and rub its fur for relief from itchy skin?

The other oatmeal shampoos and medicated shampoos and things really never seemed to work. What would you do to stop the itch? We’ve tried different creams, medicated soaps and even different dog food – everything.

Avena:Don’t just stop the itch.  Now you can prevent it and save thousands of dollars on pet products and vet bills. We introduce theAvenaPro 6, the only all natural skin soothing system for dogs that is best in show.

DR Marketing Group: What does AvenaPro 6 do?

Avena:Avena Pro 6 lavishes your dog tooth to tail with a blend of 3 oat technologies that calm the itch and irritation while deeply conditioning dogs’ allergy prone skin, leaving behind a beautiful, healthy shiny coat. The secret is triple oat complex, an exclusive blend of 3 oat therapy’s including the best skin reliever of all Avenanthramides which clinical studies show can dramatically relieve itchy, irritated skin, scaling and skin dander by 94%.

We know that Avenanthramidesare very powerful anti-inflammatories that are non-steroidal in nature.

DR Marketing Group: All natural Avena Pro 6 in so clean and easy to use and all you need to keep your lovable pet itch-free and looking like the top dog every day.It seems that whether it’s a pedigree or mutt, dogs still share one thing in common; they scratch like crazy. What causes this?

Avena:Dogs can be itchy for every reason that you and I are, and then some, depending on where they itch, bite, scratch, chew will often times give us reasons why. Their skin is the largest organ on their body, but it has very limited number of ways it can react.

DR Marketing Group: How can their skin get irritated?

Avena:Dryness, redness, and itchiness are all problems.  And did you know that a dog’s skin is actually thinner and more fragile than ours? So we really need to take very good care of that skin.

DR Marketing Group: There are lots of products out there that you can buy at convenience stores, pet stores, doggy spas, yet our dogs are still scratching uncontrollably. Why do these products fail us?

Avena:The problem is many of them address the itch in only one way – they only clean, only moisturize, or only medicate. You need to do all three to get to the root of the cause.

DR Marketing Group: What do most products do instead?

Avena:Many of them provide temporary relief by washing away the allergens and irritants, but they do not provide sustained skin relief by addressing the skin irritation and potential inflammation.  Some contain harsh chemicals that aggravate skin conditions, and even steroids.Steroids are often used to minimize allergic reactions and reduce skin inflammation but can have side effects such as increased appetite, change in mood and they can even depress the immune system.

DR Marketing Group: To think that some of the soaps that itch treatments we trust may actually expose our pets to these potential dangers is very frightening.How does Avena Pro 6 work?

Avena:Avena Pro 6 unleashes 3 different oat active emollients to address the underlying causes of itching called triple oat complex. One to calm the itch, another to protect and moisturize the skin and follicles and then another to clean the hair coat.

DR Marketing Group: Active oats – what does that mean?

Avena:It means they have powerful therapeutic properties.  It’s very unique.  They have the ability to actually get into the skin and restore health.

DR Marketing Group: What about shedding and pet dander? If you have kids, you don’t want them breathing in this dead skin.

Avena:Dander makes up a huge percentage of the junk floating in the air of our homes.  Clinically studies have shown that the Avena Pro 6 system decreases scaling and dander by more than 90%. Avena Pro 6 does all of this and then some.

DR Marketing Group, based in Pompano Beach Florida, is a wholly owned subsidiary of O2 Media Inc, and the sister company of  Quorum Productions Inc., BrandStar Entertainment and O2 Production Studios Inc.  DR Marketing Group is a turn-key marketing agency focused on developing and implementing brand integration strategies. With core competencies in direct response (DR) television production, branded entertainment, online & mobile marketing, and product distribution, DR Marketing Group is able to respond quickly and efficiently in order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace. For more information about DR Marketing Group, please visit or contact Christopher Seega, Vice President of Brand Development and Marketing, at 954-691-1102.

One Act for God can Equal an Eternity of Prosperity, says Dr. Pierre Bennett

In Information, Personal, Professionals on April 3, 2012 at 11:34 am
Dr. Pierre Bennett

Dr. Pierre Bennett

Presentation Solutions recently spoke with Dr. Pierre Bennett, the Pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries Church, who says that even the lowest citizen of a town can rise up and find himself worthy in God’s eyes.

Presentation Solutions: Thank you for joining us, Dr. Pierre Bennett.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Thank you for having me.

Presentation Solutions: Dr. Bennett, you  speak of the story of Joshua quite often. Why is that?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: It’s because I feel that the story of Joshua has many good messages.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give us an example?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Joshua was told to take the city of Jericho, which was considered a sinful city. Ironically, the only person he is told to spare within the confines of the town is the city’s prostitute.

Presentation Solutions: Why is that?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Rahab the harlot – the prostitute – had enough faith in the Lord to hide His spies in her home. She was in danger herself. She had enough faith to make room for one of God’s people. She asked that she be spared.

Presentation Solutions: And she was?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Yes in  one move, one touch, one act delivered her from her lifestyle prior to that event and was a blessing to her and to her entire family. Amen?

Presentation Solutions: Isn’t it amazing?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: God can use whomever He wants to. The least likely person will be the one that can be used for the mightiest task

Presentation Solutions: The passage in Joshua 6 verses 17:18 is: “Because she hid the messengers that we sent; and you, by all means abstain from the accursed things lest you become accursed when you take of the accursed things.” Is that right?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Yes, that’s right.

Presentation Solutions: So, all because she was able to get past her fear and act  in faith, God was able to spare her from the destruction of the city…

Dr. Pierre Bennett: The moral of the this story  is that when you get right with God you will reap His prosperity.

Presentation Solutions: Yes, and in the story Joshua spares the prostitute and her entire family and then he curses any man who rises up and builds the city

Dr. Pierre Bennett: So not only did he take the city, and burn the city for everything that was not like God, but only kept the gold and silver, which went into God’s treasury.

Presentation Solutions: And the prostitute was spared to live and go on and live a better life than she had in the city of Jericho?

Dr. Pierre Bennett: Amen.

Presentation Solutions: Dr. Bennett this is all very interesting but I’m afraid that we’re out of time. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. We are sure our readers will find this inspirational.

Dr. Pierre Bennett: I certainly hope so. If it touches just one person then I have done God’s work.

Dr. Pierre Bennett may be reached at God’s Luv International Ministries Church at (703)395-1430.